a,p अ,प्

Definition: Upadhmānīya represented by a sign like the temple of an elephants stated by Durgasiṁha who remarks"गजकुम्भाकृतिर्वर्ण उपध्मानीयसंज्ञो भवति."Kāt.I. It is a voiceless breath following the utterance of a vowel and preceding the utterance of the labial letter p (प्) or ph (फ). It is looked upon as a letter (वर्ण), but dependent upon the following consonant and hence looked upon as a consonant. अ:कार name given to the nom. case in the Taittiriya Prātiśākhya. cf अ:कार इति प्रथमाविभक्तेरुपलक्षणम् T. Pr. I. 23.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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