añj अञ्ज्

Definition: अञ्ज् 7 P. (rarely A.) (अनक्ति or अङ्क्ते, आनञ्ज, अञ्जि- ष्यति-अङ्क्ष्यति, अञ्जित्वा-अङ्क्त्वा, अञ्जितुम्, अङ्क्तुम्, अक्त) 1 To anoint, smear with, bedaub. -2 To make clear, show, represent, characterize; मा नाञ्जी राक्षसीर्मायाः Bk.9. 49. -3 To go. -4 To shine, be beautiful. -5 To honour, celebrate. -6 To decorate. -Caus. 1 To smear with, नाञ्जयन्ती स्वके नेत्रे Ms.4.44. -2 To speak or shine. -3 To cause to go [cf. Zend anj; L. unctum, ungo.] With -अधि to fit out, equip, furnish. -आ 1 to anoint, smear. -2 to smooth, polish, prepare. -3 to honour, respect. -नि 1 to smear. -2 to conceal or hide oneself. -प्रति 1 to smear. -2 to adorn, decorate. -सम् 1 to smear. -2 to fit out, equip, harness. -3 to honour. -4 to join together, to consume, devour; to adorn, decorate, beautify (mostly Ved. in these senses). -5 to unite, to put together, compose.

Dictionary: Apte
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