añc अञ्च्

Definition: अञ्च् 1 U. (अञ्चु) (अञ्चति-ते, आनञ्च-ञ्चे, -अञ्चितुम, अच्यात् or अञ्च्यात्, अक्त or अञ्चित) 1 To bend, incline, curl, curve; शिरो$ञ्चित्वा Bk.9.4. -2 To go, move, tend towards; स्वतन्त्रा कथमञ्चसि Bk.4.22; also in अवाञ्च्; tending downward; प्राञ्च्, उदञ्च्; विश्वगञ्चति, सहाञ्चति, तिरो$ञ्चति &c. तस्मिन्नद्य रसालशाखिनि दशां दैवात् कृशामञ्चति Bv.1.48. having gone, being reduced to, &c.; त्वं चेदञ्चसि लोभम् 46, art greedy; संकोचमञ्चति सरः 17. -3 To worship, honour, reverence; भीमो$यं शिरसाञ्चति Ve.5.28. salutes; to adorn, grace; See अञ्चित below. -4 To request, ask or call for, desire. -5 To murmur, speak indistinctly. -Caus. or 1 U. To manifest, unfold; मुदमञ्चय Gīt.1. [cf. Zend anku. Gr.ankulos; L. uncus.] With अप to put away, drive away; (intr.) to run away. -आ to bend; दक्षिणं जान्वाच्य; जान्वाक with bent knees. -उप to draw or raise (water). -परि to cause to revolve, whirl; twist. -वि to draw or bend asunder; to extend, stretch out. -सम् to crowd or drive together, to bend together, See समक्न also; to go properly.

Dictionary: Apte
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