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yatkāmamfn. (y/at--) desiring or wishing which View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
anyatkāmamfn. desirous of something else, View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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yatkāma a. desiring which (V.); -kâmy&asharp;, ad. with which intention (Br.); -kâranam, ad. on which account, wherefore; since, because (also ât); -kâryam, ad. with which intention; -kimkana-kâraka, a. doing anything that occurs to one, acting at ran dom; -kimkana-kâr-in, a. id.: (-i)-tâ, f. haphazard conduct; -kimkana-pralâpin, a. talking at random; -kimkana-vâda, m. random assertion; -kimkid-api-samkalpa, m. desire for something or other; -kimkid-duh kha-ka, n. pl. trifling pains of whatever kind; -kula, a. of which family; -krite, ad. for the sake of whom or which.
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yatkāma idaṃ juhomi tan me samṛdhyatām TB. Cf. prec. but two, and yatkāmās.
yatkāma idam abhiṣiñcāmi vo 'ham AVś.6.122.5c; 10.9.27c; 11.1.27c.

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