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yamayati: third person singular present causative present class parasmaipadayam
yamayati: neuter locative singular causative stem: yamayat.
yamayati: masculine locative singular causative stem: yamayat.
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yam cl.1 P. () y/acchati- (Vedic or Veda also te-,and Vedic or Veda Epic y/amati-, te-; perfect tense yayāma-, yeme-;2. sg. yayantha-,3. plural yem/uḥ-, yemir/e- etc.;3. dual number irreg. -yamatuḥ- ; Aorist /ayān-, /ayamuh-; imperative yaṃsi-, yandh/i-; Potential yamyās-, yamīmahi- ; /ayāṃsam-, ayāṃsi-, /ayaṃsta- subjunctive yaṃsat-, satas-, sate- ;3. sg. -y/amiṣṭa- ; ayaṃsiṣam- grammar; future yantā- ; yaṃsyati-, yamiṣyati- etc. infinitive mood y/antum-, yamitum- ; y/antave-, y/amitav/ai- ; ind.p. yatvā-, yamitvā- etc.; y/atya- ; -yamya- ; -y/amam- ), to sustain, hold, hold up, support (A1."one's self";with locative case"to be founded on") ; to raise, wield (a weapon etc.; A1.with āyudhaih-,"to brandish weapons") ; to raise, extend or hold (as a screen etc.) over (dative case) ; (A1.) to extend one's self before (dative case) ; to raise (the other scale), weigh more ; to stretch out, expand, spread, display, show ; to hold or keep in, hold back, restrain, check, curb, govern, subdue, control etc. ; to offer ; confer, grant, bestow on (dative case or locative case), present with (instrumental case) etc. ; (with mārgam-), to make way for (genitive case) ; (with prati-and ablative), to give anything in exchange for anything on ; (A1.) to give one's self up to, be faithful to, obey (dative case) ; to raise, utter (a sound etc.) ; to fix, establish ; (A1.) to be firm, not budge ; to catch fire (Scholiast or Commentator) : Passive voice yamy/ate- (Aorist /ayā--), to be raised or lifted up or held back or restrained etc. etc.: Causal yāmayati- (), yamayati- ( etc.; te- ; Aorist ayīyamat-), to restrain, hold in, control, keep or put in order: Desiderative yiyaṃsati-, to wish to restrain etc. : Intensive yaṃyamīti- (See ud-yam-) or yaṃyamyate- (, Va1rtt. 2 ) ([ confer, compare Greek ,"restraint, punishment."]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
āyamP. -yacchati- and (Ved.) -yamati-, to stretch, lengthen out, extend etc. ; to stretch (a bow) ; to put on (an arrow etc.) ; to draw near, bring hither ; to fetch, procure ; to keep, stop, hold in, draw back, restrain etc. ; to produce : A1. -yacchate- (see ) to stretch one's self or be stretched or strained ; to grow long ; to grasp, possess : Causal -yāmayati-, to bring near, draw near ; to carry, fetch ; to lengthen, extend ; to produce or make visible ; to show View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
niyamP. -yacchati-, to stop (trans.), hold back, detain with (locative case) ; (A1.) to stop (intrans.), stay, remain ; to keep back, refuse ; (A1.) to fail, be wanting ; to fasten, tie to (locative case), bind up (hair etc.) etc. ; to hold over, extend (śarma-) ; to hold downwards (the hand) ; to bring near, procure, bestow, grant, offer, present (rain, gifts etc.) etc. ; to hold in, keep down, restrain, control, govern, regulate (as breath, the voice, the organs of sense etc.) etc. ; to suppress or conceal (one's nature) ; to destroy, annihilate (opp. to sṛj-) ; to restrict (food etc.; see below) ; to fix upon, settle, determine, establish on ; (in gram.) to lower, pronounce low id est with the anudātta- : Causal -yamayati-, to restrain, curb, check, suppress, restrict
pariyamP. -yacchati-, to aim, hit : Causal -yamayati-, to serve, assist View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
saṃyamP. -yacchati- (rarely A1.), to hold together, hold in, hold fast, restrain, curb, suppress, control, govern, guide (horses, the senses, passions) etc. ; to tie up, bind together (hair or a garment) etc. ; to put together, heap up (A1."for one's self") ; to shut up, close (a door) ; to press close to or against ; to present with, give to (A1.with instrumental case of person, when the action is permitted P.with dative case,when the action is not permitted) : Causal -yamayati- (see -yamita-), to cause to restrain etc. ; to bind up (the hair) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
syam cl.1 P. () syamati- (only in 3. plural perfect tense sasyamuḥ-and syemuḥ-; grammar also Aorist asyamīt-; future syamitā-, syamiṣyati-; ind.p. syamitvā-,or syāntvā-; according to to also cl.10 P. syamayati-), to sound, cry aloud, shout, cry, shriek ; (syamati-), to go ; see cl.10. A1. syāmayate- (ti-), to consider, reflect : Causal syamayati- (Aorist asisyamat-) grammar (see above) : Desiderative sisyamiṣati- : Intensive sesimyate-, saṃsyanti- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
viyamP. -yacchati- (3. plural perfect tense A1. -yemire- ), to spread out, extend ; to stretch out the legs, step out (as a running horse) ; to hold apart or asunder : Causal -yāmayati- to stretch out, extend View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.

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