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yadum: masculine accusative singular stem: yadu
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yadumaṇim. Name of a man (father of parama-) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
Bloomfield Vedic
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agninā turvaśaṃ yaduṃ parāvataḥ # RV.1.36.18a.
adha tyaṃ turvaśaṃ yadum # RV.9.61.2c; SV.2.561c.
tvam āvitha naryaṃ turvaśaṃ yadum # RV.1.54.6a.
paśyema turvaśaṃ yadum # RV.8.4.7d; SV.2.955d.
pārayā turvaśaṃ yaduṃ svasti # RV.1.174.9d.
prāśrāvayaṃ śavasā turvaśaṃ yadum # RV.10.49.8b.
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