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vyavasthiti व्यवस्थिति See व्यवस्थान.
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varṇarāśi m. alphabet; -lopa, m. dropping of a letter; -varti: -kâ, f. paint brush; -vikriyâ, f. violation of the rules of caste; -vritta, n. metre measured by the number of syllables; -vyatikrântâ, pp. f.having transgressed with a man of lower caste; -vyavasthiti, f. caste system; -sik shâ, f. phonetics; -sreshtha, m. best man by caste, Brâhman; -samsarga, m. mixture of castes by intermarriage; -samhâra, m. assem blyrepresentative of castes; -samkara, m. mixture of colours (rare); mixture of castes by intermarriage; -samghâta, m., -samghâta, m., -samâmnâya, m. (combination of letters), alphabet; -sthâna, n. place (in the mouth) of the production of a letter.
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vyavasthiti noun (feminine) position stay staying
Frequency rank 13191/72933
saṃvyavasthiti noun (feminine)
Frequency rank 70119/72933
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