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vyathakamfn. agitating, frightening, afflicting View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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vyathaka व्यथक a. (-थिका f.) Painful, distressing; परिणाम- सुखे गरीयसि व्यथके$स्मिन् वचसि क्षतौजसाम् Ki.2.4.
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vyathaka a. disquieting, distressing, painful (speech); -ana, a. distressing; n. tottering; feeling of pain; -ayitri, a. harassing (ac.); -&asharp;, f. failure (C.); injury, loss (Br., C.); disquietude, distress, anguish, pain (ord. mg.; C.): -m kri, cause pain to (g.); give way to grief; (vyáth)-is, ad. reeling (ship; RV.); unobserved by (g.), secretly (V.); or n. course, path.
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