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vidhyate: third person singular passive system present class vyadh
vidhyate: neuter dative singular stem: vidhyat.
vidhyate: masculine dative singular stem: vidhyat.
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"vyadh" has 1 results.
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√व्यध्vyadhpiercing, boring, picking / tāḍana441/3Cl.4
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vyadh cl.4 P. () v/idhyati- (Epic also te-; perfect tense parasmE-pada vivyādha- etc.;3. plural vivyadhuḥ- , vividhuḥ- ; A1. vivyadhe- ; parasmE-pada vividhv/as- ; Aorist vyātsīḥ- ; preceding vidhyāt- grammar; future veddhā-, vetsyati-, te- ; vyaddhā-, vyatsyati- grammar; infinitive mood veddhum- ; -vidhe- ; ind.p. viḍḍhvā-, -vidhya- ), to pierce, transfix, hit, strike, wound etc. ; (with sirām-) to open a vein, bleed ; to pelt with (instrumental case) ; to inflict, attach to, affect with (accusative of Persian and instrumental case of thing) ; to shake, wave ; (in astronomy) to fix the position of a heavenly body ; to cling to (accusative) : Causal vyādhayati-, (Epic also vedhayati-; Aorist avīvidhat-or avivyadhat-), to pierce, open (a vein) ; to cause to pierce or perforate : Desiderative vivyatsati-, to wish to affect or taint with (instrumental case) : Intensive vevidhyate- or vāvyaddhi- (?) grammar
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vyadh व्यध् 4 P. (विध्यति, विद्ध) 1 To pierce, hurt, strike, stab, kill; तमभिद्रुत्य पाप्मनाविध्यन् स यः स पाप्मा Bṛi. Up.1.3.2; यूनां मनांसि विव्याध दृष्ट्वा दृष्ट्वा मनोभवः H.2.111; अक्षितारासु विव्याध द्विषतः स तनुत्रिणः Śi.19.99; विद्धमात्रः R.5.51;9. 6;14.7; Bk.5.52;9.66;15.69. -2 To bore, perforate, pierce through. -3 To pick. -4 To wave or brandish in triumph (as the tail &c.); चैलानि विव्यधुस्तत्र ब्राह्मणाश्च सहस्रशः Mb.1.188.23. -5 (In astr.) To fix the position of a heavenly body.
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vyadh verb (class 4 ātmanepada) (in astron.) to fix the position of a heavenly body to affect with (acc. of pers. and instr. of thing) to attach to to bleed to cling to (acc.) to hit to inflict to open a vein to pelt with (instr.) to pierce to shake to strike to transfix to wave to wound perform vedha of a metal
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