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vidhehi arrangeSB 10.16.59
vidhehi give directionSB 3.13.8
vidhehi just be pleased to bestowSB 3.13.45
vidhehi kindly bestow upon usSB 10.23.30
vidhehi kindly doSB 6.14.26
SB 8.16.17
SB 9.5.9
vidhehi kindly do the needfulSB 4.8.81
vidhehi now kindly do the needfulSB 9.4.62
vidhehi please acceptSB 10.52.39
vidhehi please executeSB 7.3.7
vidhehi please giveSB 5.19.15
vidhehi please orderSB 10.16.53
vidhehi please rectifySB 10.70.30
vidhehi regulateBs 5.62
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