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varkaraSee barkara-. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
varkarāṭam. (only ) a side glance View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
varkarāṭam. the rays of the ascending sun View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
varkarāṭam. the marks of a lover's finger-nails on the bosom of a woman. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
varkarīkuṇḍam. or n. (?) Name of a place View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
varkuṭam. a pin, bolt View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
brahmaviṣṇvarkavatmfn. accompanied by brahmā- and viṣṇu- and the Sun View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
galvarkam. crystal View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
galvarkam. See masāra-g- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
galvarkam. a small crystalline vessel for drinking spirituous liquor, (in Prakritgallakka ) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
galvarkam. (gallaka-) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
galvarkaSee galū-. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
masāragalvarkamayamf(ī-)n. consisting of emerald (sapphire) and crystal View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
svarkamfn. (fr. 5. su-+ arka-, arc-) singing or praising beautifully View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vīndvarkamfn. (fr. 3. vi-+ indu-+ arka-) without or exclusive of the moon and the sun View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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varkaraḥ वर्करः [वृक्-अरन् Uṇ.4.3] 1 A lamb, kid. -2 A goat. -3 Any young domestic animal. -4 Mirth, sport, pastime. -5 Jest, joke. -Comp. -कर्करः a strap or rope of leather (कर्कर) to bind a lamb or goat with.
varkarāṭaḥ वर्कराटः 1 A side-glance, leer. -2 The marks of a lover's fingernails on the bosom of a woman. -3 The rays of the ascending sun.
varkuṭaḥ वर्कुटः A pin, bolt.
galvarkaḥ गल्वर्कः 1 Crystal. -2 Lapis lazuli; see गुलः; Mb. 7.16.54. -3 a goblet, a vessel for drinking spirituous liquor; मसारगल्वर्कमुखः Rām.3.43.29.
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padmaka m. N.; kind of sitting posture during religious absorption; n. a tree; -kûta, m. N. of a fairy prince; -kosa, m. calix of a day-lotus; position of the fingers resem bling the calix of a lotus; -kosâ-ya, den. Â. resemble the calix of a day-lotus; -khanda, n. group of day-lotuses; -garbha, m. (produced from a lotus), ep. of Brahman, Vishnu, and Siva; N.; inside of a lotus; n. Lotus-filled, N. of a lake; -tâ, f.condition of a day-lotus; -darsana, m. (lotus-like), N.; -nâbha, m. (having a lotus in his navel), ep. of Vishnu; N.; -nidhi, m. one of the nine treasures of Kubera (also personified); treasure having the value of a Padma = 100,000,000 pieces of money; -nibha½îkshana, a. having lotus-like eyes; -pura, n. N. of a city; -prabhâ, f. N.; -mihira, m. N. of a historian; -yoni, m. (sprung from a lotus), ep. of Brahma; -rati, m. N.; -râga, m. (lotus-coloured), ruby: -ka, m. id.; -râga, m. N.; -lekhâ, f. N.; -varkas, a. lotus-coloured; -varna, a. id.; -vishaya, m. N. of a country; -vesha, m. N.; -vyâkosa, n. breach of a certain shape; -sekhara, m. N. of a prince of the Gandharvas; -srî, f. N.; -samkâsa, a. lotus-like; -sadman, m. (seated on a lotus), ep. of Brahma; -saras, n. lotus-lake; N. of a lake; -sena, m. N.; -svâmin, m. N. of a shrine.
brahmaloka m. world or heaven of Brahman (sts. pl.); -laukika, a. inhabit ing the world of Brahman; -vaktri, m. ex pounder of the Vedas; -vat, ad. in accord ance with or like the Veda; -vadya, n.recitation of Vedic texts; -vadha, m. mur der of a Brâhman; -vadhyâ, f. id.: -krita, n. perpetrated murder of a Brâhman; -vark asá, n. pre-eminence in sacred knowledge, sanctity; -varkas-in, a. pre-eminent in di vine knowledge, holy; -varkas-vin, a. id.; -vâdá, m. discourse on sacred matters; -vâd ín, a. discoursing on sacred matters; m. theologian, Vedântin; -vâsa, m. Brahman's abode or heaven; (bráhma)-vâhas, a. to whom prayer is offered; -vit-tva, n. sacred knowledge, theology, philosophy; -víd, a. knowing the Vedas; versed in magic; m. theologian, philosopher; -vidy&asharp;, f. knowledge of Brahman or of sacred things; -vidvas, pt. knowing Brahman; -vivardhana, a. increas ing sacred knowledge, ep. of Vishnu; -vrik sha, m. Brahman as a tree; -vritti, f. sub sistence of a Brâhman; -veda, m. Veda of Spells, Atharva-veda; -vedi, f. N. of a local ity; -vedin, a.knowing the Brahman or the Vedas; -vaivarta: -ka, n. T. of a Purâna; -vrata, n. vow of chastity: -dhara, a. prac tising --; -sâyin, a. resting in Brahman; -sâlâ, f. Brahman's hall; N. of a sacred locality; -siras, -sîrshan, n. kind of mythi cal missile; -samsad, f. Brahman's audience chamber; -samstha, a. devoted to sacred things; -samhitâ, f. collection of prayers; -sattra, n. sacrifice of prayer; -sattrin, a. offering a sacrifice of prayer; -sadana, n. seat of the Brahman priest; abode or heaven of Brahman; -sabhâ, f. hall or audience chamber of Brahman; -sambhava, a. sprung from Brahman; -saras, n. N. of a bathing place; -savá, m. purification of prayer; kind of sacrificial rite; -sât-kri, bring into har mony with Brahman; -sâmá, -sâmán, n. Sâman chanted after a verse recited by the Brahman priest; -sâyugya, n. complete union or identification with the universal soul; -sârshti-tâ, f. equality with Brahman; -sâ varna, m. N. of the tenth Manu; -sâvarni, m. id.; -siddhânta, m. T. of various astrono mical works; -siddhi, m. N. of an ascetic; -suta, m. son of Brahman; -suvarkalâ, f. kind of plant; decoction of this plant (drunk as a penance); -sûtra, n. sacred cord worn by Brâhmans over the shoulder; sacred or theological Sûtra; T. of a Sûtra work on the Vedânta philosophy ascribed to Bâdarâyana or Vyâsa: -pada, n. statement of a theolo gical Sûtra; a. (î) consisting of the state ments of a theological Sûtra; -sûtrin, a. wearing the sacred cord; -srig, m. creator of Brahman, ep. of Siva; -soma, m. N. of a saint; -stamba, m. universe, world; -stena, m. (thief of=) one in unlawful possession of the Veda; -steya, n. (theft of=) unlawful acquisition of the Veda; -sthala, n. N. of a town and of various villages; -sva, n. pro perty of a Brâhman; -haty&asharp;, f. murder of a Brâhman; -hán, m. murderer of a Brâhman; -hridaya, m. n. N. of a star (Capella).
rājayakṣma m. kind of dangerous disease; later: pulmonary consumption; -yakshman, m. id.; -yakshm-in, a. consumptive; -yagña, m. royal sacrifice; -yâna, n. royal vehicle, palanquin; -ratha,m. royal carriage; -rambhâ, f. kind of plantain; -râkshasa, m. demon of a king; -râg, m. king of kings, emperor; moon; -râga, m. king of kings; ep. of Kubera: -giri, m. ep. of the Himavat; -tâ, f., -tva, n. dignity of a sovereign lord; -râgya, n. sovereignty over all kings; -½rishi, m. royal sage; -lakshana, n. mark indicative of (future) royalty; -lakshman, n. royal emblem; -lakshmî, f. regal glory or majesty; N. of a princess; -loka, m.assemblage of kings; -vamsa, m. royal race, dynasty; -vamsya, a. of royal descent; m. Kshatriya; -vat, 1. ad. like a king (nm. or ac.); as in the case of a king; 2. a. having a king; abounding in kings: lc. =in the presence of a king; m. N.: -î, f. N.; -vadana, m. N.; -vandin, m. N. (=-bandin); -varkasin, a. being in royal service; -valla bha, m. royal favourite: -turamgama, m. favourite steed of a prince; -vasati, f. life at the court of a king; -vahana, a. bearing or ridden by kings; -vâhana, m. N. of a king; -vidyâ, f. kingcraft, statesmanship; -vihâra, m. royal pleasure-seat; royal mon astery; -vîthî, f. royal road, highway; -vri ksha, m. kind of tree; -vritta, n.procedure or vocation of a king; -vesman, n. royal palace; -vesha, m. royal costume; -sârdûla, m. (tiger-like=) illustrious king; -sâsana, n. royal command; -srî, f. glory or majesty of a king.
sauvarcala n. [suvarkala] kind of artificial salt, Sochal salt.
hata pp. √ han: -ka, a. (--°ree;) afflicted by (fate); --°ree; (instead of °ree;--, gnly. after names), the accursed, wretched; -kilbisha, a. having one's sins effaced; -ketas, a. dejected in heart; -kkhâya,a. bereft of charm; -gîvana, n., -gîvita, n. accursed life; -gyotir-nisîtha, m. starless night; -tvit-ka, -tvish, a. bereft of light, having its lustre dimmed; (á)-putra, a. whose son or sons have been slain; -buddhi, a. bereft of understanding; -mati, a. whose intellect is lost, mad; -mânasa, a. despondent-minded; -mûrkha, m. great block-head; (á)-varkas, a. bereft of vigour, decayed (AV.); -vidhi, m. accursed fate; a. ill starred; -vritta, a.defective in metre; -sish- ta, pp. left out of the slain; -sesha, a. id.; -hridaya, n. cursed heart; -½âsa, a. bereft of hope, desperate; hopeless=wretched, foolish, wicked (sts. used playfully).
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ajaḥ, vastaḥ, chagalakaḥ, stubhaḥ, chagaḥ, chagalaḥ, chāgalaḥ, tabhaḥ, stabhaḥ, śubhaḥ, laghukāmaḥ, krayasadaḥ, varkaraḥ, parṇabhojanaḥ, lambakarṇaḥ, menādaḥ, vukkaḥ, alpāyuḥ, śivāpriyaḥ, avukaḥ, medhyaḥ, paśuḥ, payasvalaḥ   

paśuviśeṣaḥ, yaḥ apraśastaḥ, kharatulyanādaḥ, pradīptapucchaḥ kunakhaḥ vivarṇaḥ nikṛttakarṇaḥ dvipamastakaśca।

ajaḥ parvataṃ gacchati।

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