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vardhitum: Infinitivevṛdh
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"vṛdh" has 2 results.
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√वृध्vṛdhgrowing, increasing / vṛddhi1011/1Cl.1
√वृध्vṛdhspeaking / bhāṣā923/1Cl.4
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vṛdh cl.1 A1. () v/ardhate- (Vedic or Veda and Epic also ti-; perfect tense vav/ardha-, vavṛdhe- etc. etc. [Ved. also vṛ-; vavṛdhāti-, dhīt/ās-, dh/asva- ; vāvṛdh/ete- ; parasmE-pada vṛdh/at- ; Aorist Ved. avṛdhat-, vṛdhātas-, dhātu-; parasmE-pada vṛdh/at-, dhān/a-]; avardhiṣṭa- etc.; preceding vardhiṣīm/ahi- ; future vardhitā- grammar; vartsyati- ; vardhiṣyate- grammar; infinitive mood Ved. vṛdhe-["for increase","to make glad"], vṛdh/ase-, vāvṛdh/adhyai-; Classical vardhitum-; ind.p. vṛddhvā-,or vardhitvā- grammar;in vṛdh-is sometimes confounded with1. vṛt-), trans. P., to increase, augment, strengthen, cause to prosper or thrive ; to elevate, exalt, gladden, cheer, exhilarate (especially the gods, with praise or sacrifice) ; (intrans. A1.; in Vedic or Veda perfect tense and Aorist; in Class. Aorist future and Conditional; also P. mc. in other forms) , to grow, grow up, increase, be filled or extended, become longer or stronger, thrive, prosper, succeed etc. ; to rise, ascend (as the scale in ordeals) ; to be exalted or elevated, feel animated or inspired or excited by (instrumental case locative case genitive case) or in regard to (dative case), become joyful, have cause for congratulation (vṛdhaḥ-, dhat-in sacrificial formulas ="mayest thou or may he prosper";in later language often with diṣṭyā-) etc. etc.: Causal vardh/ayati-, te- (in later language also vardhāpayati-; Aorist Ved. avīvṛdhat-, dhata-), to cause to increase or grow, augment, increase, make larger or longer, heighten, strengthen, further, promote (A1."for one's self") etc. ; to rear, cherish, foster, bring up ; to elevate, raise to power, cause to prosper or thrive etc. ; to exalt, magnify, glorify (especially the gods), make joyful, gladden ( Vedic or Veda also = to rejoice, be joyful, take delight in [instr.], enjoy etc.;with. or scilicet diṣṭyā-) to congratulate ; (cl.10. according to to ) "to speak" or "to shine" (bhāṣārthe-or bhāsārthe-): Desiderative of Causal See vivardhayiṣu-: Desiderative vivardhiṣate- or vivṛtsati- grammar : Intensive varivṛdhyate-, varivṛdhīti- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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vṛdh वृध् I. 1 Ā. (but Paras. also in the second Future, Aorist and Conditional, also in the Desiderative) (वर्धते, ववृधे, अवृधत्-अवर्धिष्ट, वर्धिष्यते, वर्त्स्यति, वृद्ध; desid. विवृत्सति, or विवर्धिषते) 1 To grow, increase; become larger, stronger, or greater, thrive, prosper; अन्योन्यजयसंरम्भो ववृधे वादिनोरिव R.12.92;1.78; धनक्षये वर्धति जाठराग्निः Subhāṣ.; Bk.14.13;19.26; Ms.7.136. -2 To continue, last. -3 To rise, ascend. -4 To have cause for congratulation, usually with दिष्ट्या; दिष्ट्या धर्मपत्नी- समागमेन पुत्रमुखदर्शनेन चायुष्मान् वर्धते Ś.7. 'your honour is to be congratulated upon your union &c.' -Caus. (वर्धयति-ते, also वर्धापयति-ते) 1 To cause to grow, increase, augment, heighten, amplify, enhance; वर्धयन्निव तत्कूटानुद्धूतैर्धातुरेणुभिः R.4.71. -2 To cause to prosper or thrive, glorify, magnify, exalt; प्रजां संरक्षति नृपः सा वर्धयति पार्थिवम् H.3.3. -3 To congratulate, felicitate (वर्धापयति in this sense.); जयेन जयतां श्रेष्ठं वर्धयन्ति स्म राघवम्. Rām. 2.2.1; यदि को$पि त्वां सांप्रतं मदयन्तिकालमेन वर्धापयति तदा किं तस्य पारितोषिकं करोषि Māl.8. -II. 1 U. (वर्धयति-ते) 1 To speak. -2 To shine.
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vṛdh vṛdh grow, I. várdha, i. 85, 7; ii. 35, 11; cause to prosper, iv. 50, 11; increase, pf. vāvṛdhúr, x. 14, 3; cs. vardháya strengthen, v. 11, 3. 5.
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vṛdh a. vigorous, strong (RV.): --°ree; also increasing.
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vṛdh verb (class 1 ātmanepada) to ascend (as the scale in ordeals) to be exalted or elevated to be filled or extended to become joyful to become longer or stronger to feel animated or inspired or excited by to grow to grow up to have cause for congratulation to increase to prosper to rise to succeed to thrive
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