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van cl.1 P. () v/anati- (Vedic or Veda also te-,and van/ati-) ; cl.8 P. A1. () van/oti-, vanut/e- (perfect tense vāv/āna-, vāv/antha-, vavanm/a-, vavn/e-; parasmE-pada vavanv/as- ; Aorist vanta-, v/aṃsva- ; vaṃsat-, sate- ; vaniṣat- ; ṣanta- ; vanuṣanta-, ; Potential vaṃsīmahi-, vasīmahi- ; preceding vaniṣīṣṭa- vaṃsiṣīya- ; future vaniśā- grammar; vaniṣyate-, ; infinitive mood vanitum- grammar; -vantave- ), to like, love, wish, desire ; to gain, acquire, procure (for one's self or others) ; to conquer, win, become master of, possess ; to prepare, make ready for, aim at, attack ; to hurt, injure ( also"to sound";"to serve, honour, worship, help, aid") : Causal vanayati- or vānayati- ; varia lectio (confer, compare saṃ-van-): Desiderative v/ivāsati-, te-, to attract, seek to win over : Intensive (only vāv/anaḥ-and vāvandh/i-;but confer, compare vanīvan-) to love, like [ confer, compare Latin venia,Venus; Got.gawinnan; German gewinnen; English win.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
āhvānayaNom. P. āhvānayati-, (in law) to summon commentator or commentary on View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
dhvan cl.1 P. dhvanati- (perf. dadhvāna-, dadhvanur- ; future dhvaniṣyati-, nitā- grammar) to sound, roar, make a noise, echo, reverberate etc. ; to mean, imply, (especially Passive voice dhvanyate-,it is meant, it is implied): Causal dhvānayati- (Aorist adidhvanat-or adadh- grammar), to cause to sound, make resound (confer, compare nayat-below) ; dhvanayati-, to allude to, hint at commentator or commentary Intensive in dandhvana- q.v ([ confer, compare 1. dhvānt/a-: Lithuanian dunde4ti,to sound, call; Anglo-Saxon dynian,to thunder.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
pradhvanP. -dhvanati-, to sound, resound : Causal -dhvanayati-, to cause to sound View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
pratisvanP. -svanati-, to resound : Causal -svānayati-, to make resound
saṃvanCaus. -vānayati- (or -vanayati- see under van-), to cause to like or love, make well-disposed, propitiate View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
svan cl.1 P. () svanati- (mc. also te-; perfect tense sasvāna-,3. plural sasvanuḥ-[Gr. also svenuḥ-] etc.; Aorist asvanīt-, svānīt- [for Aorist P. sv/ani-See adhi--and anu-ṣvan-]; future svanitā-, svaniṣyati- grammar; infinitive mood svanitum- ), to sound, make any noise, roar, yell, hum, sing etc. etc.: Causal svanayati- (Aorist asisvanat-), to sound, resound ; to adorn (in this sense also svānayati-) : Desiderative sisvaniṣati- grammar : Intensive saṃsvanyate-, saṃsvanti- (confer, compare pari-ṣvan-) [ confer, compare Latin sonit,sonus,sonare; Anglo-Saxon swin; English swan; German Schwan.]

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