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śāṅkaraḥ शाङ्करः 1 A bull. -2 A Śaivaite, a devotee of Śaṁkara; प्रतोषिताश्च शाङ्कराः Cholachampu p.24, verse 59. -3 A follower of Śaṁkarāchārya.
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liṅgin a. having a mark or sign; having the marks or appearance of (--°ree;); wearing false badges, hypocritical; assum ing the badges of, passing oneself off as (--°ree;); wearing his badgesjustly, sincere; provided with a phallus; having a subtle body; m. hypocrite; member of a religious order, as cetic; a Sivaite sect (pl.); cause.
liṅgavat a. having characteristic marks; having various genders; having a phallus (a certain Sivaite sect); -sarîra, n. the subtle body (phil.); -sâstra, n. treatise on grammatical gender; -stha,m. ascetic; -½anusâsana, n. doctrine of grammatical gender.
vidyeśa m. lord of knowledge, ep. of Siva; a class of the saved among the mystical Sivaites; -½îsvara, m. id.; N. of a magician.
śaiva a. (î) relating, belonging or sacred to, derived from Siva; m. worshipper of Siva: -tâ, f. condition of a Sivaite; -darsana, n. doctrine of the Sivaites.
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tanūrucā taruṣi yat kṛṇvaite # RV.6.25.4b.
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