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महाद्वाराf. (a woman) having a large vagina View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
फलिन्m. (with yoni-) the vagina injured by too violent sexual intercourse View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
संधिm. the vagina or vulva View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
वामनm. a particular disease of the vagina (prob. wrong reading for vāminī-, q.v under 1. vāmin-) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
योनिसंवरणn. () contraction of the vagina. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
योनिसंवृतिf. () contraction of the vagina. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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bilam बिलम् 1 A hole, cavity, burrow; खनन्नाखुबिलं सिंहः... प्राप्नोति नखभङ्गं हि Pt.3.17; R.12.5; Ms.1.49. -2 A gap, pit, chasm. -3 An aperture, opening, outlet. -4 A cave, hollow. -5 The hollow of a dish. -6 The vagina. -लः 1 N. of उच्चैःश्रवस्, the horse of Indra. -2 A sort of cane. -Comp. -अयनम् a subterranean cave or cavern. -ओकस् m. any animal that lives in holes. -कारिन् m. a mouse. -योनि a. of the breed of उच्चैः- श्रवस्; यत्राश्वा बिलयोनयः Ku.6.39. -वासः a pole-cat. -वासिन् (also बिलेवासिन्) m. a snake. -शायिन् m. any animal living in burrows. -स्वर्गः the lower region, hell; Bhāg.5.24.8.
yoniḥ योनिः m. f. [यु-नि Uṇ.4.51] 1 Womb, uterus, vulva, the female organ of generation. -2 Any place of birth or origin, generating cause, spring, fountain; स्वासु योनिषु शाम्यति Ms.9.321; सा योनिः सर्ववैराणां सा हि लोकस्य निर्ऋतिः U.5.3; जगद्योनिरयोनिस्त्वम् Ku.2.9;4.43; oft. at the end of comp. in the sense of 'sprung or produced from'; ये हि संस्पर्शजा भोगा दुःखयोनय एव ते Bg. 5.22. -3 A mine. -4 An abode, a place, repository, seat, receptacle. -5 Home, lair. -6 A family, stock, race, birth, form of existence; as मनुष्ययोनि, पक्षि˚, पशु˚ &c. -7 The asterism पूर्वफल्गुनी. -8 Water. -9 The base (of a सामन्) i. e. the ऋक् which is set to music and sung as सामन्; योनिश्चासौ शस्या च योनिशस्या ŚB. on MS. 7.2.17. -1 Copper; L. D. B. -11 The primary cause; कला पञ्चदशी योनिस्तद्धाम प्रतिबुध्यते Mb.12.34.4. -12 The source of understanding; एषा धर्मस्य वो योनिः समासेन प्रकीर्तिता Ms.2.25 (com. योनिर्ज्ञप्तिकारणं 'वेदो$खिलो धर्ममूलम्' इत्या- दिनोक्तमित्यर्थः). -13 Longing for, desire (वासना); संसार- सागरगमां योनिपातालदुस्तराम् Mb.12.25.15. -14 Seed, grain. ˚पोषणम् the growing of seed. -Comp. -गुणः the quality of the womb or place of origin. -ज a. born of the womb, viviparous. -देवता the asterism पूर्वफल्गुनी. -दोषः 1 Sexual defilement. -2 A defect of the female organ. -नासा the upper part of the female organ. -भ्रंशः fall of the womb, prolapsus uteri. -मुक्त a. released from birth or being born again. -मुखम् the orifice of the womb. -मुद्रा a particular position of fingers. -रञ्जनम् the menstrual discharge. -लिङ्गम् the clitoris. -शस्या a Ṛigvedic verse which is both a योनि as well as a शस्या (q. v.); योनिशस्याश्च तुल्यवदितराभिर्वि- धीयन्ते MS.7.2.17. -संवरणम्, -संवृत्तिः Contraction of the vagina. -संकटम् rebirth. -संकरः mixture of caste by unlawful intermarriage; कुले मुख्ये$पि जातस्य यस्य स्याद् योनिसंकरः Ms.1.6. -सम्बन्धः relation by marriage, connection.
vāmanī वामनी 1 A female dwarf. -2 A mare. -3 A kind of woman. -4 A disease of the vagina.


1. itch and pain in vagina due to lack of hygiene; 2. improper conduct .


pain in vagina and lower abdomen due to over indulgence in sex.




vaginal polyp.


disease in women, obstruction of vaginal discharge due to polups.


whitish discharge from vagina, leucorrhoea.


flooded, immersed, a condition in which vagina becomes swollen and painful with yellow or blue discharge.


excessive vaginal discharge, leucorrhoea.


dry and painful vagina.


leucorrhoea, thick whitish or yellowish vaginal discharge.


leucorrhoea, whitish discharge from vagina.


whitish and yellowish discharge from vagina and painful, associated with swelling.


1. the part which is under; 2. sit down with legs bent; 3. vagina, reproductive organ.


urethra injection pipe; sending medicated fluids into vagina; vaginal douche; urethral and uterine enema & bladder wash.


semen expelled from vagina after few days, with or without pain.


suppository, applied to produce a local action on the rectum or vagina, wick, bougie; roll of cloth.


unremitting pain in vagina, associated with infertility.


1.vagina; 2. source.


vaginal cyst or tumour.


contraction of vagina.


vaginal suppository.


disease of the vagina.

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