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vas (a Vedic root connected with1. uṣ- q.v;not in ) cl.6 P., ucch/ati- (perfect tense uv/āsa-, ūṣ/uḥ- etc.; Aorist avāt-[?] ; avasran- ; Conditional avatsyat- ;Ved. infinitive mood v/astave-, -/uṣi-), to shine, grow bright (especially applied to the dawn) ; to bestow by shining upon (dative case) ; (with dūr/e-) to drive away by shining : Causal vās/ayati-, to cause to shine [ confer, compare vasar-in vasar-han-; Greek for ; Latin ve1retc.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vastuf. (for 2.See) becoming light, dawning, morning (genitive case v/astoḥ-,in the morning; v/astor vastoḥ-,every morning; v/astor asy/āḥ-,this morning; pr/ati v/astoḥ-,towards morning; dative case v/astave-See under2. vas-). View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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