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प्रकरणशस्ind. according to species or kind (opp. to pṛthak-tvena-) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
प्रतिभास्A1. -bhāsate-, to manifest one's self. appear as or look like or as (Nominal verb) (nānā-tvena-,"to appear different") ; to shine, be brilliant, have a bright appearance View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
प्रतिज्ञाP. A1. -jānāti-, -jānīte-, to admit, own, acknowledge, acquiesce in, consent to, approve ; to promise (with genitive case dative case or locative case of Persian,and accusative with or without prati-,or dative case of thing, also with infinitive mood etc.;with vākyam-and genitive case"to promise fulfilment of a person's word" ;with satyam-"to promise verily or truly" ) ; (A1.) to confirm, assert, answer in the affirmative etc. ; to maintain, assert, allege, state etc. (śabdaṃ nityatvena-,"to assert the eternity of sound") ; (A1.) to bring forward or introduce (a topic) ; to perceive, notice, learn, become aware of ; to remember sorrowfully (only in this sense ;but really A1. ). View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
शङ्कनीयmfn. to be supposed to be, to be regarded as (exempli gratia, 'for example' bādhakatvena-,"as hurting or injuring") View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
स्वप्रतिनिधिm. a substitute for one's self ( svapratinidhitvena -tvena- ind.instead of him, her, them etc.) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
स्वीकृ(sv/ī--) P. A1. -karoti-, -kurute- (the latter older and more correct) , to make one's own, win, appropriate, claim etc. ; to take to one's self, choose (with or without bhāryārthe-,"to take for a wife, marry"; snuṣā-tvena-,"for a daughter-in-law") ; to win power over (hearts etc.) ; (A1.) to admit, assent or agree to, ratify : Causal -kārayati-, to cause any one to appropriate, present any one with (two accusative) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
तत्त्वतस्ind. equals ttvena- etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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tattvam तत्त्वम् (Sometimes written as तत्वम्) 1 True state or condition, fact; वयं तत्त्वान्वेषान्मधुकर हतास्त्वं खलु कृती Ś.1. 23. -2 Truth, reality; न तु मामभिजानन्ति तत्त्वेनातश्च्यवन्ति ते Bg.9.24. -3 True or essential nature; संन्यासस्य महाबाहो तत्त्वमिच्छामि वेदितुम् Bg.18.1;3.28; Ms.1.3;3.96; 5.42. -4 The real nature of the human soul or the material world as being identical with the Supreme Spirit pervading the universe. -5 A true or first principle. -6 An element, a primary substance; तत्त्वान्य- बुद्धाः प्रतनूनि येन, ध्यानं नृपस्तच्छिवमित्यवादीत् Bk.1.18. -7 The mind. -8 Sum and substance. -9 Slow time in music. -1 An element or elementary property. -11 The Supreme Being. -12 A kind of dance. -13 The three qualities or constituents of every thing in nature (सत्त्व, रजस् and तमस्). -14 The body; तत्त्वाभेदेन यच्छास्त्रं तत्कार्यं नान्यथाविधम् Mb.12.267.9. -Comp. -अभियोगः a positive charge or declaration. -अभ्यासः The study of the reality; एवं तत्त्वाभ्यासात् Sān. K.64. -अर्थः truth, reality, the exact truth, real nature. -ज्ञ, -विद् a. 1 a philosopher. -2 knowing the true nature of Brahman. -3 knowing the true nature of anything; Ms.12.12. -4 acquainted with the true principles of science. (-ज्ञः) a Brāmaṇa. -ज्ञानम् 1 knowledge of the truth. -2 a thorough knowledge of the principles of a science. -3 philosophy. -दर्शिन्, दृश् perceiving truth. -निकषग्रावन् m. the touch-stone of truth. -न्यासः N. of a ceremony performed in honour of Viṣṇu consisting in the application of mystical letters or other marks to different parts of the body while certain prayers are repeated. -भावः true being or nature; Kaṭh.6. -शुद्धिः ascertainment of truth; Ks.75.194. -संख्यानम् Sāṅkhya philosophy; तत्त्वसंख्यानविज्ञप्त्यै जातं विद्वानजः स्वराट् Bhāg.3.24.1. तत्त्वतः tattvatḥ तत्त्वेन tattvēna तत्त्वतः तत्त्वेन ind. Truly, really, accurately; तत्त्वत एनामुपलप्स्ये Ś.1; Ms.7.1.
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deya fp. to be given; -bestowed in marriage; -granted; -delivered; -restored, -paid: -h panthâh, way must be made for (g.); atithitvena saktyâ deyam, n. impl. one should give according to one's ability in regard to hospitality; n. gift; impost; wages.
śaṅkanīya fp. to be distrusted, causing suspicion; to be feared, supposed, or assumed (bâdhakatvena=bâdhakah); n. imps. one should suppose.
Bloomfield Vedic
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yudhyai tvena saṃ tvena pṛchai RV.4.18.2d.
anu mā saṃtanuhi prajayā paśubhī rāyaspoṣeṇa suprajāstvena suvīryeṇa # śś.2.12.10. See anu mā tanuhy.
ā mā somo amṛtatvena (TS. amṛtatvāya) gamyāt # VS.9.19d; TS.; MS.1.11.3d: 163.7; KS.14.1d; śB.
brahmā brahmatvena pramudo modamānāḥ # GB.1.5.24c.
mām āryanti kṛtena kartvena ca # RV.10.48.3d.
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khalu, nūnam, satyam, arthataḥ, tatvataḥ, vastutaḥ, avyalīkam, yathārtham, tattvena, yathātatham, yathārthataḥ, paramārthataḥ, anuṣatyam, añjasā, addhā   

prakṛtam eva।

bhoḥ, vismṛtavān khalu bhavataḥ nāma।

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