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tryavim. "3 sheep times old", a calf 18 months old (f. v/ī-, ) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
tryavim. see p/añcāvi-. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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tryavi Designates a calf eighteen months old in the Rigveda and later Samhitās.
Bloomfield Vedic
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tryavi gāṃ vayo dadhat VS.28.24e; TB. Cf. next.
tryavir (KS. triya-) gaur vayo dadhuḥ VS.21.12d; MS.3.11.11d: 157.16; KS.38.10d; TB. Cf. prec.
tryavir (KS. triya-) vayaḥ VS.14.10; TS.; 5.1;; MS.2.7.20: 104.17; 2.8.2: 107.19; KS.17.2; 39.7; śB.; Apś.17.1.8.
tryaviś ca tryavī ca MS.2.11.6: 143.14; 3.4.2: 46.16; Mś. See next.
tryaviś (KS. triya-) ca me tryavī (KS. triya-) ca me VS.18.26; TS.; KS.18.12; 21.11. See prec.
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