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ācchādanam3.3.132NeuterSingularviralam, stokam
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स्तोकmf(ā-)n. little, small, short (in the beginning of a compound and stokam am- ind."a little, slightly, gradually"; bahutaram-stokam-,"more-than"; stokena na-,"not in the least"; stokena-and stokāt-in compound with a past participle ="hardly","with some difficulty","only just","a little while ago"[ see ]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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tokam तोकम् An offspring, a child; व्याकरणे शकटस्य च तोकम् Nir.
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stoka m. [√ 2. stu] drop (V.; rare in P.): a. (C.) very small or little; a. a little (C.): °ree;-or -m, ad. (C.) slightly, a little; gradually; bahutaram -stokam, more than; ab. stokât, °ree;-with a pp. in -ta, only just; recently.
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tokam an infant hoySB 12.8.2-5
tokam the childSB 10.55.3
SB 12.9.31-32
stokam a small quantitySB 11.8.2
stokam stokam always, a little bitSB 11.8.9
stokam stokam always, a little bitSB 11.8.9
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kiñcit, alpabhāgaḥ, alpāṃśaḥ, alpam, stokam, īṣat   

kasyāpi vastvādīnāṃ laghubhāgaḥ।

kiñcit miṣṭānnaṃ khāditvā jalam apibat।

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