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tirati: neuter locative singular stem: tirat.
tirati: masculine locative singular stem: tirat.
tirati: third person singular present present class 1 parasmaipadatṝ
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pratṝP. A1. -tarati-, te- (Ved. also -tirati-, te-; infinitive mood -t/iram-), to go to sea, pass over, cross etc. ; to set out, start ; (A1.) to rise, thrive, prosper ; to raise, elevate, augment, increase, further, promote ; to extend, prolong (especially with /āyus-,"to promote long life"; A1."to live on, live longer") : Causal -tārayati- (Aorist prātītarat-), to extend, widen ; to prolong (life) ; to mislead, take in, deceive ; to lead astray, seduce, persuade to (dative case or locative case) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
saṃtṝP. -tarati- (Ved. also -tirati-;rarely A1.), to cross or traverse together, pass through (accusative) etc. ; to escape or be rescued from (ablative) ; to bring safely over, rescue, save : Causal -tārayati- (Passive voice -tāryate-), to cause to pass over, save or preserve from (ablative) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
sthir cl.1 P. sthirati-, to stand firmly (in an etymol. explanation) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
tṝ cl.1 P. (rarely A1.) t/arati- (subjunctive t/arat- imperfect tense /atarat-, parasmE-pada t/arat- infinitive mood tar/adhyai-, rīṣ/ani- ) cl.5. tarute- (; Potential 1. plural turyāma-, ) cl.3. titarti- (; parasmE-pada Nominal verb plural t/itratas- ; Potential tutury/āt-, ) , with prepositions Vedic or Veda chiefly cl.6 P. A1. (tir/ate- subjunctive tirāti- imperfect tense /atirat-, parasmE-pada tir/at- infinitive mood t/iram-, t/ire- ; Aorist /atārīt-, ;1. plural riṣma- , rima- ; t/aruṣante- , ta-i, ṣema- [ confer, compare ]; A1.and Passive voice -tāri- ; P. atārṣīt- ; ṣam- ; perfect tense tatāra- etc.;3. plural titirur-, ; teritha-, ratur- ; parasmE-pada titirv/as- genitive case tatar/uṣas- ; future tariṣyati-, rīṣ-, taritā-, rītā-[ confer, compare pra-t/ar-] ; t/arutā- ; preceding tīryāt-, tariṣīṣṭa- ; infinitive mood tartum- ; rīt- rit- ; ind.p. tīrtv/ā- ; -t/ūrya-See vi--) to pass across or over, cross over (a river), sail across etc. ; to float, swim ; to get through, attain an end or aim, live through (a definite period), study to the end etc. ; to fulfil, accomplish, perform ; to surpass, overcome, subdue, escape etc. ; to acquire, gain, ; A1. to contend, compete ; to carry through or over, save, : Causal tārayati- (parasmE-pada r/ayat-) to carry or lead over or across etc. ; to cause to arrive at ; to rescue, save, liberate from (ablative) etc.: Desiderative titīrṣati- (also titariṣati-, rīṣ- ; parasmE-pada A1. titīrṣamāṇa- ) to wish to cross or reach by crossing : Intensive tartarīti- (2. dual number rīthas-; parasmE-pada genitive case t/arilratas-[ ];See also vi--; tātarti-, Scholiast or Commentator) to reach the end by passing or running or living through ; ([ confer, compare t/ara-, tir/as-, tīrṇ/a-; Latin termo,trans; Gothic thairh.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
uttṝ( ud-tṝ-) P. -tarati- and -tirati- (Ved.) to pass out of (especially jalāt-,water, with ablative) to disembark ; to come out of etc. ; to escape from (a misfortune, affliction, etc.) ; to come down, descend, alight, put up at ; to pass over ; to cross (a river, with accusative) ; to vanquish etc. ; to give up, leave ; to elevate, strengthen, increase : Causal -tārayati-, to cause to come out ; to deliver, assist, rescue etc. ; to make any one alight, take down, take off ; to cause to pass over ; to convey or transport across, land, disembark ; to vomit up: Desiderative -titīrṣati-, to wish to cross View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vitṝP. -tarati-, -tirati- (Ved. infinitive mood -t/ire-), to pass across or through, traverse, pervade ; to bring away, carry off, remove ; to cross, frustrate, disappoint (a wish) ; to extend, prolong ; to give away (also in marriage), grant, afford, bestow, yield etc. (with āsanam-,to offer a seat;with dvāram-,to grant admittance;with uttaram-,to favour with an answer;with darśanam-,or dṛṣṭim-,to grant a sight, i.e. give an audience) ; to give (medicine), apply (a remedy) ; to produce, effect, perform, accomplish : Caus: -tārayati-, to pass (a comb) through, comb out ; to carry out, accomplish : Intensive -tartūryate- (parasmE-pada -t/arturāṇa-or -t/aritrat-), to pass over violently, labour or perform energetically View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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gato nādhvā vi tirāti jantum # RV.7.58.3c.
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