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tṛh cl.7. (imperative tṛṇ/eḍhu-; subjunctive plural tṛṇ/ahān-; Aorist atṛham- ; atarhīt- ; atṛkṣat-, ; perfect tense tatarha- ; pr. p. Nominal verb m. tṛṃh/at- ; f. dual number hat/ī- ; ind.p. tṛḍhv/ā- Passive voice plural tṛhy/ante-, parasmE-pada hy/amāṇa- ; cl.6. tṛhati-, tṛṃh- ) to crush, bruise : Desiderative titṛkṣati-, titṛṃhiṣati- ; see vi-- ; t/arhaṇa-, tṛṃhaṇa-, tṛḍh/a-. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.

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