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ātanP. (2. sg. -tanoṣi-; imperfect tense tanot-; perf. -tatāna-; parasmE-pada m. plural -tanv/antas-; perf. p. m. sg. -tatanv/ān-) to extend or stretch over, penetrate, spread, overspread (said of the light), illuminate ; (perf. 2. sg. -tat/antha-) to seek to reach ; to be ready for, wait on (accusative) ; (Aorist subjunctive -tanat-) to stop any one : P. A1. (3. plural -tanvate-; perf. 1. sg. -tatane-) to extend (a texture), spread, stretch (a bow for shooting) etc.: P. to diffuse ; to bestow upon etc. ; to effect, produce etc.: Causal (imperative 2. sg. -tānayā-) to stretch View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.

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