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talkan. a forest (see tala-) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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talkam तल्कम् A forest.
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atimukhara a. extremely talkative; -mûdha, pp. very foolish, very stupid.
avācāla a. not talkative; not boastful.
mukharaya den. P. make talkative, cause to speak or talk; cause to sound, make resonant.
mukhara a. talkative, loquacious (also of birds and bees); tinkling (anklets etc.), sounding; --°ree;, eloquent or resonant with, expressive of, pouring forth; m. ring leader, chief: -ka, m. N. of a rogue; -tâ, f. talkativeness, loquaciousness.
mukhagata pp. being in the mouth or face; being in front; -grahana, n. kissing the mouth; -kandra, m. moon-like face; -kandramas, m. id.; -kapala, a. talkative, garrulous; -kapetikâ, f. slap in the face; -kâpalya, n. garrulousness; -kkhavi, f. colour of the face, complexion; -ga, m. (born from the mouth of Brahman), Brâhman; -tás, ad. from, at, in, or by the mouth; in the face; in front, forward, from the front; before (g.); -pa&ndot;kaga, m. lotus-face; -pata, m. veil; -pinda, m. mouthful of food; -priya, a. pleasant in the mouth; -bandhana, n. in troduction, preface; -bha&ndot;ga, m. slap in the face, with (--°ree;); distorted face, grimace; -bha&ndot;gî, f. distortion of the face; -bheda, m. id.; -mandala, n. face; -mâtra, a. (î) reaching to the mouth; -mâruta, m. breath (of the mouth); -mudrana, n. closing the mouth of (g.); -mudrâ, f.distortion of the face or sealing of the lips; -motana, n. smacking of the lips.
maukhara a. [fr. mukha-ra] as a designation of a family; i, m. pat. N. of a family; -r-ya, n. talkativeness.
vācāsahāya m. talkative com panion, entertainer.
vācālaya den. P. make talkative, induce to talk; make noisy, fill with noise: pp. ita.
vācāla a. talkative, garrulous (also of birds); boastful; noisy; resounding with the song or noise of (--°ree;): -tâ, f., -tva, n. talkativeness, garrulousness.
vācāṭa a. garrulous, talkative (also of birds); boastful; filled with the song of (--°ree;).
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ālactad-affix (आल्) applied to the word वाच् in the sense of 'talkative' exempli gratia, for example वाचालः; confer, compare P.V.2.124.
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talka noun (neuter) a forest (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

Frequency rank 53380/72933


talkative; loquacious.

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araṇyam, araṇyī, araṇyānī, vanam, vanī, aṭaviḥ, aṭavī, gahanam, gahaḥ, kānanam, vipinam, jaṅgalam, jaṅgalaḥ, dāvaḥ, kāntāraḥ, kāntāram, kutram, riktam, talkam   

bahu-vṛkṣa-yuktaṃ sthānaṃ yad mṛgaiḥ aryate।

asmin araṇye ahi-varāha-ibhānāṃ yūthāḥ tathā ca bhilla-bhalla-davā-ādayaḥ janāḥ dṛśyante।

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