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talitamfn. "bottomed", fixed, placed View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
talitamfn. fried View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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talit तलित् f. Lightning; cf. तडित्.
talita तलित a. 1 Fixed, having a bottom. -2 Fried. -तम् Fried meat.
uttalita उत्तलित Thrown or cast upwards.
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amrta a-mṛ́ta, a. immortal; m. immortal being, i. 35, 2; vii. 63, 5; viii. 48, 32; n. what is immortal, i. 35, 6; x. 90, 3; immortality, x. 129, 2 [not dead, mṛtá, pp. of mṛ die; cp. Gk. ἄμβροτος ‘immortal’].
amṛtatva amṛta-tvá, n. immortality, x. 90, 2.
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anavayavaliterally having no parts; impartite; without any concern with the individual component parts; application in totality; confer, compare सिद्धं तु धर्मोपदेशने अनवयवविज्ञानाद्यथा लौकिकवैदिकेषु P. VI. 1.84 Vārt 5 and the Bhāṣya thereon; अस्मिञ् शास्त्रे अनवयवेन शास्त्रार्थसंप्रत्ययः स्यात् । a rule in grammar applies to all cases where its application is possible; it cannot be said to have its purpose served by applying to a few cases only.
samudāyaaggregate, totality, collection of individual members: confer, compare समुदाये प्रवृत्ताः शब्दाः क्वचिदवयवेष्वपि वर्तन्ते also confer, compare समुदाये व्याकरणशब्दः अवयवे नोपपद्यते M.Bh. Ahnika 1 Vart, 14: confer, compare also समुदाये वाक्यपरिसमाप्तिः।Par.Sek.Pari.108.
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1. elixir of immortality; 2. Plant Tinospora cordifolia, guḍūci; 3. quicksilver; 4. water; 5.nectar.


vitality; life-span.


physical strength; vigour; force; vitality.


divine body; a person with godly traits like adhering to cleanliness and good conduct, belief in existence of god, reverence of elders and preceptors, hospitality and celebration of religious sacrifices and reader of vedas.


medicated oil made from sandalwood and other herbs as coolant and to restore vitality to skin.


sheaths inside the body, namely the sheath of knowledge (jnānamaya), the sheath of bliss (ānadamaya), the sheath of vitality (prāṇamaya), the sheath of mind (manomaya) and the sheath of food (annamaya) explained in the Taittareya upaniṣad.

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