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varamind. it is better than, rather than (in these senses varam-is followed by, na-, na ca- na tu-, na punaḥ- tad api na-or tathāpi na-,with Nominal verb exempli gratia, 'for example' varaṃ mṛśyur nacākīrtiḥ-,"better death than [lit."and not"] infamy";exceptionally with instrumental case exempli gratia, 'for example' varam eko guṇī putro ta ca mūrkha-śatair api-,"better one virtuous son than hundreds of fools" ; na hi-varam-,"by no mean - but rather") etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
yadiind. y/ady /api- (rarely api yadi-),"even if","although"(followed by tathāpi-or tad api-or sometimes by no particle in the correlative clause) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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tad prn. nm., ac. n. of ta: also base °ree;--; ad. there; thither; so, thus, then, in regard to that (in the Brâhmanas); then, in that case (corr. yadi, ked); therefore, accordingly (corr. yad, yatah, yena); now (common in Brâhmanas as a particle of transition); tad api, even that, even then (corr. ked); nevertheless (corr. yadi½api); tad yathâ, this is as follows, thus for instance.
bahu a. (v-&isharp;) abundant, much; numerous; repeated, frequent; abounding or rich in (in.): tvayâ hi me bahu kritam -yad, you have done me a great service, in --; tasmin bahu½etad api, even thiswas much for him (i.e. more than could be ex pected); kim bahunâ, what need of much talk? in short; n. ú, ad. much; often, repeatedly; greatly, exceedingly, very, highly; °ree;-sts.=for the most part, almost, tolerably:bahu man, think much of, esteem highly, value; hold dearer than (in.); n. plural.
vara a. [select: √ 2. vri] best, choicest, most excellent or beautiful, among (ab., g., lc., --°ree;); better, more excellent, than (ab., rarely g.), among (ab., v. r.); n. vár am, ad. specially, rather, better, than (ab. ±&asharp;; RV.); with pr. or impv. it is or were better that or if (the vb. being sts. omitted); with pot. it were more likely that; predica tively without a vb. is or are better, than (ab., in V. id.±&asharp;); varam -na, na ka, na tu, na punah, tad api na, or tathâ½api na, (it is) better (that) or rather -than (with vb. in pr. or pot.); predicatively with ellipse of copula: -is the best thing, and not = -is better than (nm., very rarely in.); varam varam na or na ka khalu varam, better than (nm.).
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kṣipraṃ tad api rohatu AVś.12.1.35b.
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