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supakva: masculine vocative singular stem: supakva
supakva: neuter vocative singular stem: supakva
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supakvamf(ā-)n. (id est 5. su+p-;2. pac-) well-cooked or matured, thoroughly ripe (literally and figuratively) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
supakvamf(ā-)n. a sort of fragrant Mango View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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supakva a. well-cooked; thoroughly ripe or mature (also fig.); -pa&ndot;ka, m. (?) good clay; -patha, a. easy to read, legible; -pati, m. good husband; -pattra, a. having beau tiful wings; well-feathered (arrow); having a beautiful vehicle; -pátnî, a. f. having a good husband; -páth, m. good path; -pátha, n. (V.), m. (C.) good road (V., C.); virtuous course (C.); -pathin, m. (nm. -panthâs) good path; -pad, a. (-î) swift-footed (RV.1); -pa p[a]t-aní, f. swift flight (RV.1); -parigñâta, pp. well-ascertained; -parisrânta, pp. com pletely exhausted; -parihara, a. easy to avoid; -parîkshana, n. careful examina tion; -parîkshita, pp.carefully examined; -parus, a. having beautiful knots (arrow); -parná, a. (&isharp;) having beautiful wings (RV.); m. a large bird of prey, vulture, eagle (fig. of sun, moon, and clouds; du. = sun and moon; V.); a mythical bird, identified with Garuda (C.): -ketu, m. ep. of Vishnu Krishna; -paryavasita, pp. well carried out; -paryâpta, pp. very spacious (house); -par van, a. having beautiful joints; having beauti ful sections orbooks (Mahâbhârata); famous; -palâyita, (pp.) n. skilful or opportune re treat; -pâni, V. a. beautiful-handed; dex terous-handed; -pâtra, n. good receptacle, worthy person (esp. to receive gifts); -pârá, a. (RV.) easy to cross; easy to bear; easily passing over (rain); conducting to a pros perous issue (also TS.); m. a certain per sonification: (á)-kshatra, a. easily traversing his realm (Varuna; RV.1); -pârsva, a. hav ing beautiful sides; m. N.; -pippalá, a. bear ing good berries (V.); -pihita-vat, pp. act. having (the ears, ac.) carefully closed: -î, f. =finite vb.; -punya, a. very excellent; n. great religious or moral merit; -putra, m. good son; á, a. having manyor good chil dren (V., E.); -purusha, m. a certain per sonification; -pushkala, a. very abundant; -pushta, pp. well-fed; -pushpa, a. having beautiful flowers; -pushpita, den. pp. adorned with beautiful flowers; -pûgita,pp. highly honoured; (sú)-pûta, pp. well-clarified; -pûra, a. easy to fill; (sú)-pûrna, pp. well filled, quite full; -pûrvam, ad. very early in the morning; -pûrvâhne, lc. early in the forenoon; -pésas, a. well-adorned, beauti ful, fair (V., rarely P.).
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supakva adjective thoroughly ripe (lit. and fig.) (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
well-cooked or matured (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

Frequency rank 9987/72933
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"supakva" has 2 results.


pakva, pariṇata, paripakva, supakva, paktrima, pakvatāpanna, pakvadaśāpanna, pakvadaśāprāpta   

rasapūrṇaṃ mṛdu tathā ca pariṇataṃ phalam/ kaṭhīnasya annasya mṛdubhūtam annam।

saḥ pakvam āmraṃ khādati।


supakva, susiddha, vipakva, suśrāta   

yad samyak pakvam asti (bhojanam)।

supakvaṃ bhojanaṃ supācyaṃ bhavati।

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