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suhatamfn. (id est 5. su-+ hata-;fr. han-) thoroughly beaten or slain View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
suhatamfn. justly slain or killed View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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suhata pp. thoroughly beaten; justly killed; -hána, a. easy to slay (V.); -hántu, a. id. (RV.); -háva, a. (V.) easily invoked, listening willingly; invoking well; n. (V.) successful invocation; -hásta, a. (V.)fair handed; deft of hand; (sú)-hita, pp. C.: very suitable; very salutary; perfectly satis fied, fully sated (esp. with food and drink; Br., S.; rare in C.); (sú)-huta, pp. V., E.: well offered (sacrifice); well sacrificed to (C.); n.right sacrifice (V.): -hut, a. offering a right sacrifice (S.); -hrik-khoka-vivardha na, a. increasing the sorrow of one's friends; -hrig-gana, m. sg. friend, friends: pl. friends; -hrit-tama, spv. best of friends; -hrit-tâ, f., -hrit-tva, n. friendship; -hrit-tyâga, m. desertion of a friend: -hrid, m. [good hearted] friend; ally (-hrido ganâh, friends): --°ree; a. fond of, addicted to; closely resembling; -hridaya, a. kind-hearted (V.): -tama, spv.; -hrid-bheda, m. separation of friends; -hrid vadha, m. slaying a friend; -hrid-vâkya, n. speech or advice of a friend; -hrin-nârî, f. female friend; -hrin-mitra, n. sg. friends and allies; -hemanta, m. good winter (S.); -hótri (orsú-), m. good sacrificer (V.); -hotra, m. N.
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