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abhiṣṭan( stan-), (Imper. 2. sg. -ṣṭana-) to thunder : Causal idem or '( so-), (1. sg. -ṣyāmi-) to fetter, chain ; (pr. p. -ṣyat-) to put an end to, destroy ; imperfect tense -aṣyat- ' : Intensive (Imper. 2. sg. -taṃstanīhi-) to roar View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
stan (confer, compare 2. tan-) cl.1 P. () stanati- (once in -stanase-;in sg. stan-and 2. imperative stanihi-; perfect tense tastāna-, tastanuḥ- grammar; Aorist astānīt- ; future stanitā-, niṣyati- grammar), to resound, reverberate, roar, thunder etc. ; to utter inarticulate sounds : Causal stan/ayati- (Aorist atiṣṭanat-) idem or ' cl.1 P. stakati-, to strike against ' (stanayati-,"it thunders") etc. ; crackle (as fire) : Desiderative tistaniṣati- grammar : Intensive taṃstanyate-, taṃstanti- (2. sg. imperative taṃstanīhi-See abhi-ṣṭan-). ([ confer, compare Greek ; Slavonic or Slavonian stenja; Anglo-Saxon stunian; German sto0hnen.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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ni ṣṭanihi duritā bādhamānaḥ RV.6.47.30b; VS.29.56b; TS.; MS.3.16.3b: 187.10; KSA.6.1b. See abhi ṣṭana.
abhi ṣṭana duritā bādhamānaḥ # AVś.6.126.2b; AVP.15.11.10b. See ni ṣṭanihi.
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