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spardh (or spṛdh-; see spṛh-) cl.1 A1. () sp/ardhate- (mc. also P. ti-;Subj.[ pr/a-] -spūrdh/an- ; perfect tense paspṛdh/e-, dhān/a-, /apaspṛdhethām- ; paspardha- etc.; Aorist aspṛdhran-, spṛdhānd- : aspardhiṣṭa- grammar; future spardhitā-, spardhiṣyate- ; infinitive mood sp/ardhitum- ; spūrdh/ase- ; ind.p. -sp/ṛdhya- ), to emulate, compete, rival, vie or cope with (instrumental case with and without saha-,or accusative), contend or struggle for (locative case) etc. etc.: Causal spardhayati- grammar : Desiderative pispardhiṣate- : Intensive pāspardhyate-, pāsparddhi- (apāspāḥ- ) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.

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