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spandayati: third person singular present causative present class parasmaipadaspand
spandayati: neuter locative singular causative stem: spandayat.
spandayati: masculine locative singular causative stem: spandayat.
spandayatī: neuter accusative dual causative stem: spandayat.
spandayatī: neuter nominative dual causative stem: spandayat.
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spand (often confounded with syand-) cl.1 A1. () spandate- (rarely ti-;only in present tense base and infinitive mood spanditum-; grammar also perfect tense paspande-; future spanditā-, spandiṣyate-; Aorist aspandiṣṭa-), to quiver, throb, twitch, tremble, vibrate, quake, palpitate, throb with life, quicken (as a child in the womb) etc. ; to kick (as an animal) ; to make any quick movement, move, be active ; to flash into life, come suddenly to life : Causal spandayati- (Aorist apaspandat-), to cause to quiver or shake ; to move (trans.) : Desiderative pispandiṣate- grammar : Intensive , See paniṣpad/a-. ([ confer, compare Greek , , ; perhaps also Latin pendo,pondus.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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