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smaryamfn. to be remembered, memorable (see smara-smarya-). View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
smarasmaryam. "to be remembered by kāma-", a donkey (noted for sexual power) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vismaryamfn. to be forgotten View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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smaraṇam स्मरणम् [स्मृ-ल्युट्] 1 Remembering, remembrance, recollection; केवलं स्मरणेनैव पुनासि पुरुषं यतः R.1.29. -2 Thinking of or about; यदि हरिस्मरणे सरसं मनः Gīt.1. -3 Memory. -4 Tradition, traditional precept; इति भृगुस्मरणात् (opp. श्रुति). -5 Mental recitation of the name of a deity. -6 Remembering with regret, regretting. -7 Rhetorical recollection, regarded as a figure of speech; thus defined:-- यथानुभवमर्थस्य दृष्टे तत्सदृशे स्मृतिः स्मरणम् K. P.1. -णी A rosary of beads (for counting). -Comp. -अनुग्रहः 1 a kind remembrance. -2 the favour of remembrance; अद्य तूच्चैस्तरं ताभ्यां स्मरणानुग्रहात्तव Ku. 6.19. -अपत्यतर्पकः a turtle, tortoise. -अयौगपद्यम् the non-simultaneousness of recollections. -पदवी death. स्मरणीय smaraṇīya स्मर्तव्य smartavya स्मर्य smarya स्मरणीय स्मर्तव्य स्मर्य a. To be remembered, memorable.
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smaryate are rememberedSB 10.80.35-36
anusmaryate is always rememberedSB 4.30.28
vismaryate can be forgottenSB 4.9.8
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smaryamāṇatā noun (feminine)
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