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anusmṛto remember, recollect: Causal P. -smārayati-, or -smarayati-, to remind (with accusative) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
pratismṛP. A1. -smarati-, te-, to remember, recollect (accusative) : Causal -smārayati-, to remind View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
smṛ cl.1 P. () sm/arati- (mc. also te-; perfect tense sasmāra-, sasmartha-, sasmaruḥ- etc.; Aorist asmārṣīt-, ṣuḥ- ; future smartā-, smariṣyati- ; infinitive mood smartum- ; ind.p. smṛtvā- ; smaritvā- ; -smṛtya-, smāram-[ q.v ] etc.) , to remember, recollect, bear in mind, call to mind, think of, be mindful of (genitive case or accusative;the action remembered is expressed by a past participle or an imperfect tense with yad-,"that", or by a future without yad-;the future may stand with yad-,if there are two actions; confer, compare ) etc. ; to remember or think of with sorrow or regret ; to hand down memoriter, teach, declare ; to recite : Passive voice smary/ate- (Aorist asmāri-; preceding smṛṣīṣṭa-or smariṣīṣṭa-), to be remembered or recorded or declared (as a law) or mentioned in the smṛti- (with na-,"to be passed over in silence") ; to be declared or regarded as, pass for (Nominal verb or locative case) : Causal smārayati- (rarely smarayati-; mc. also A1.; Aorist asasmarat-; Passive voice smāryate-), to cause to remember or be mindful of or regret etc. (confer, compare ) ; to remind any one of (two accusative or accusative and genitive case or rarely genitive case of person) etc.: Desiderative susmūrṣate- () , to wish to remember : Intensive sāsmaryate- or sāsmarti- grammar ([ confer, compare Greek ; Latin memor,mora.])
vismṛP. -smarati- (mc. also A1.), to forget, be unmindful of (accusative or genitive case) etc.: Passive voice -smaryate- (Aorist vy-asmāri-), to be forgotten : Causal -smārayati- (future -smārayiṣyate-), to cause to forget : Desiderative of Causal See vi-sismārayiṣu-. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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