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skanditum: Infinitiveskand
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स्कन्द् (confer, compare skandh-and skund-) cl.1 P. () skandati- (mc. also te-; cask/anda- etc.; caskande- etc.; Aorist askan-, sk/an- ; /askān-, skān- ; askāntsīt- ; askadat- grammar; preceding skadyāt- ; future skanttā- ; skantsyati- ; infinitive mood skanditum- grammar; -sk/ade-, -sk/adas- ; ind.p. skanttvā- grammar; -sk/andya-or -sk/adya- ; -sk/andam- ), to leap, jump, hop, dart, spring, spurt out, be spilt or effused (especially said of semen) etc. ; (A1.) to emit seminal fluid ; to leap upon, cover (said of animals) ; to drop, fall down, perish, be lost : Passive voice skadyate- (perf. caskade-or caskande-; Aorist askandi-) grammar : Causal skandayati- (mc. also te-; Aorist acask/andat-), to cause to jump or leap (in explaining skanda-) ; to pour out, effuse, shed, spill, emit (especially seminal fluid) ; to omit, neglect etc. ; to cause to coagulate, thicken : Desiderative ciskantsati-, grammar : Intensive canīskadyate-, canīskandīti- (grammar), k/aniṣkan-, -caniṣkadat- ; (), to leap, jump, hop etc. [ confer, compare Greek ; Latin scando,de-scendo;scAlaforscant(s)la.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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