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sidhyati: third person singular present present class 4 parasmaipadasidh
sidhyati: neuter locative singular stem: sidhyat.
sidhyati: masculine locative singular stem: sidhyat.
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sidh (weak form of sādh-) cl.4 P. () s/idhyati- (Epic and mc. also te-;pf: siṣedha- ; Aorist asidhat- grammar; saitsīt- ; preceding sidhyāsam- grammar; future seddhā- ; setsyati-, te- etc.; infinitive mood seddhum- grammar; ind.p. sedhitvā-, sidhitvā-,or siddhvā- ), to be accomplished or fulfilled or effected or settled, be successful, succeed etc. ; to hit a mark (locative case) ; to attain one's aim or object, have success etc. ; to attain the highest object, become perfect, attain beatitude ; to be valid or admissible, hold good ; to be proved or demonstrated or established, result from ; to be set right, (especially) be healed or cured ; to be well cooked ; to conform to a person's will, yield to (genitive case) ; to fall to a person's (genitive case) lot or share ; to come into existence, originate, arise : Causal sedhayati- (Aorist asīṣidhat-) or sādhayati-, to show the knowledge or skill (of any one, the former,"with reference to sacred things", the latter,"to secular things") on (sadh-), to accomplish, effect : Desiderative siṣitsati- grammar : Intensive seṣidhyate-, seṣeddhi- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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sidhyati becomes fulfilledCC Madhya 20.106
CC Madhya 24.170
sidhyati becomes perfectSB 4.12.49-50
sidhyati cause the manifestation of each otherSB 11.22.31
sidhyati someone is perfectSB 6.14.4
prasidhyati is establishedSB 11.24.16
prasidhyati advances or becomes successfulNoI 3
saṃsidhyati one becomes spiritually perfectSB 11.18.25
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sidhyati noun (masculine) [gramm.] the root sidh
Frequency rank 70589/72933

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