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satyam: neuter nominative singular stem: satya
satyam: masculine accusative singular stem: satya
satyam: neuter accusative singular stem: satya
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abhijātaḥ3.3.88MasculineSingularsatyam, sādhuḥ, vidyamānaḥ, praśastaḥ, abhyarhitaḥ
satyam1.2.23MasculineSingulartathyam, ṛtam, samyaktruth
satyam3.3.162NeuterSingularkaśerū, hema
Monier-Williams Search
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सत्यम्ind. (gaRa di-and svar-ādi-) truly, indeed, certainly, verily, necessarily, yes, very well (satyam-tu-, kiṃ tu-, tathāpi-,"it is true - but, yet, however"; yat sasyam-,"indeed, certainly") etc. etc. [ confer, compare according to to some, Greek . ] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
सत्यमद्वन्(saty/a--) mfn. really inspired or intoxicated View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
सत्यमानn. a true measure View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
सत्यमन्मन्(saty/a--) mfn. having true thoughts View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
सत्यमन्त्र(saty/a--) mfn. one whose words are true or effective View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
सत्यमौद्गलm. plural Name of a school or system of teaching View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
सत्यमयmf(ī-)n. consisting of truth, truthful View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
सत्यम्भराf. Name of a river View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
सत्यमेधस्mfn. having true intelligence (said of viṣṇu-) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
सत्यमृषाविवेकm. discrimination of truth and falsehood View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
सत्यमुग्र(saty/a--) mfn. truly powerful View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
यथासत्यम्ind. in accordance with truth View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
Macdonell Search
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yathāvakāśam ad. accord ing to space; into the proper place; accord ing to or on the first opportunity; -vakana kârin, a. acting according to orders, obedient; -vakanam, ad. according to the expression; -vat, ad. exactly as it is or should be, accord ing to usage, in due order, suitably, fitly, cor rectly, accurately;=yathâ, as (rare); -vay as, ad. according to age; of the same age; -vasám, ad. according toone's will or pleasure (V.); -½avasaram, ad. at every opportunity; -vastu, ad. in accordance with the facts, ac curately, truly; -½avastham, ad. in accord ance with the condition or circumstances; -½avasthita½artha-kathana, n. description of a matter in accordance with facts; -½âvâs am, ad. to one's respective dwelling; -vit tam, ad. in accordance with the find; in pro portion to property; -vidha, a. of what kind; -vidhânam, ad.according to prescription or rule, duly; -vidhânena, in ad. id.; -vidhi, ad. id.; in due form, suitably; according to the deserts of (g.); -viniyogam, ad. in the order stated; -vibhava, °ree;--, -m, or -tas, ad. in proportion to means or income; -vibhâg am, ad. in accordance with the share; -vi shayam, ad. according to the thing in ques tion; -vîrya, a. having what strength: -m, ad. in proportion or with regard to valour; -vritta, pp. as happened; how conducting oneself: °ree;-or -m, ad. as it happened, in ac cordance with the facts, circumstantially; according to the metre; n. previous event; ac tual facts, details of an event; -vrittânta, m.(?) experience, adventure; -vriddha, °ree;-or -m, according to age, by seniority; -vyavahâram, ad. in accordance with usage; -vyutpatti, ad. according to the degree of culture; -sakti, -saktyâ, ad. according to one's power, to the utmost of one's power, as far as possible; -½âsayam, ad. according to wish; according to the conditions or premises; -sâstra, °ree;-or -m, according to prescribed rules or the in stitutes of the law; -sîlam, ad.according to the character; -sraddhám, ad. according to inclination; -½âsramam, ad. according to the stage of religious life; -½âsrayam, ad. in re gard to the connexion; -srâddham, ad. in accordance with the funeral feast; -srutam, pp. as heard of: -m, ad. as one heard it; in accordance with knowledge; incorr. for -sruti; -sruti, ad. according to the precepts of the Veda; -samstham, ad. according to circum stances; -sakhyam, ad. in proportion to friend ship; -samkalpita, pp. as wished; -sam khyam, -samkhyena, ad. according to num ber, number for number, in such a way that the numbers of two equal series correspond numerically (the first to the first, the second to the second, etc.); -sa&ndot;gam, ad. according to need, adequately; -satyam, ad. in accord ance with truth, truthfully; -samdishtam, ad. as directed; -½âsannam, ad. as soon as come near; -samayam,ad. at the proper time; -samarthitam, ad. as has been con sidered good; -samâmnâtam, ad. as men tioned; -samîhita, pp. as desired: -m, ad. according to wish (Pr.); -samuditám, ad. as agreed; -sampad, ad. as it happens; -sam pratyayam, ad. according to agreement; -sampradâyam, ad. as handed down; -sam bandham, ad. according to the relationship; -sambhava, a. corresponding as far as pos sible: -m, ad. according to the connexion, respectively; -sambhavin, a., -sambhâvita, pp. corresponding; -sâma, ad. according to the sequence of the Sâmans; -sâram, ad. ac cording to the quality; -siddha, pp. as hap pening to be ready; -sukha,°ree;-or -m, ad. at pleasure; at ease, comfortably; pleasantly, conveniently; -sukha-mukha, a. facing any way one pleases; -sûktam, ad. hymn by hymn; -sûkshma, a. pl. according to size from the smallest onwards: -m,ad.; -½astam, ad. to one's respective home; -sthâna, n. proper place (only lc. sg. & pl.); a. being in the proper place: (á)-m, ad. to or in the proper place; -sthitam, ad. according to one's stand; as it stands, certainly, surely; -sthiti, ad. according to custom, as usual; -sthûla, °ree;-or -m, ad. in the rough, without going into detail; -smriti, ad. according to one's recollection; according to the rules of the law-books; -sva, a. one's (his, their) respective: °ree;-or -m, ad. each his own, each individually or in his own way, respectively; -svaira, °ree;-or -m, ad. at pleasure, without restraint; -½âhâra, a. eating whatever comes to hand.
satya a. actual, real, genuine, true; successful, effectual (invocation), realised (wish); trustworthy, faithful, sincere; valid (agreement): -m kri, make true, fulfil; (á)-m, ad. truly, really, actually, indeed, certainly, rightly; very well (in answers); it is true (also w. tu, kim tu, tathâ½api, but, yet); yat satyam, indeed, certainly; m. ninth Kalpa or cosmic period; ep. of Krishna; N. of a certain genius; N.; n. reality, truth; truth fulness, veracity; promise, oath, word; first age (=krita); N. of the highest of the seven worlds: -m ka te gñâtvâ, having ascer tained the truth about you (i. e. that you are actually so); -m kikîrshamâna, wishing to keepone's word; tena satyena, on the strength of that truth, so truly; yathâ -tena or evam satyena, as certainly -so truly; â, f. ep. of Durgâ; abbreviated for Satyabhâmâ.
Bloomfield Vedic
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adbhiḥ satyam KS.35.15.
ādityaḥ satyam om (TB. om iti) TB.; Aś.5.13.14d.
adrogha satyaṃ tava tan mahitvam RV.3.32.9a.
āgāt satyaṃ havir idaṃ juṣāṇam TB.
ahaṃ satyam anṛtaṃ yad vadāmi AVś.6.61.2c,3c.
añjasā satyam upa geṣam VS.5.5; TS.; GB.2.2.3; śB.; Aś.4.5.3; śś.5.8.2; Vait.13.18; Lś.5.6.6; śG.1.6.5. See next.
añjasā satyam upāgām MS.1.2.7: 16.15; KS.2.8. See prec.
anṛtāt satyam upaimi TB.; Apś.5.8.1. See idam aham anṛtāt.
āpaḥ satyaṃ mayi vratam Kś.4.15.4.
brahma satyaṃ ca pātu mām śG.6.6.16.
brūhi satyaṃ kare mama YDh.2.104d.
evā satyaṃ maghavānā yuvaṃ tat RV.4.28.5a.
indrāya satyaṃ yadi satyam asti RV.8.100.3b.
kṛṇomi satyam ūtaye AVś.4.18.1c; AVP.5.24.1c.
kṛtaṃ satyaṃ śrutaṃ vratam AG.3.9.1d.
mahat satyaṃ mahad dhaviḥ AVP.4.11.2a.
mayi satyaṃ goṣu me vratam Kś.4.15.5.
oṃ satyam TA.10.27.1; Tā.10.35; MahānU.15.2.
ṛtaṃ satyaṃ vijigyānaṃ vivācanam anto vāco vibhuḥ sarvasmād uttaraṃ jyotir ūdhar aprativādaḥ pūrvaṃ sarvaṃ vāk parāg arvāk sapru salilaṃ dhenu pinvati ā.
ṛtaṃ satyaṃ tapo rāṣṭram AVś.11.7.17a.
ṛtaṃ satyam TS.;; śś.14.16.6. See next but one.
ṛtaṃ satyam anu carantu homāḥ AVP.7.6.2d.
ṛtaṃ satyam ṛtaṃ satyam VS.11.47; MS.2.7.4: 79.9; 3.1.6: 8.3; KS.16.4; 19.5; śB.; Mś. P: ṛtaṃ satyam Kś.16.3.11. See prec. but one.
ṛtaṃ satyaṃ paraṃ brahma TA.10.12.1a; MahānU.12.1a.
ṛtāt satyam upāgām Apś.4.16.16; 6.11.4; 14.6.
ṛtāt satyam upaimi Apś.4.1.6; 6.5.3; 9.3.
ṛte satyaṃ pratiṣṭhitam AG.1.5.4b. Cf. ṛtaṃ nātyeti, and ṛtaṃ satye pra-.
ṛtena satyam indriyam VS.19.72--79; MS.3.11.6 (octies): 148.10,13,16; 149.2,6,10,13,16; TB. (bis),2 (ter),3 (quater); KS.38.1 (octies).
ṛtena satyam ṛtasāpa āyan RV.7.56.12c; MS.4.14.18c: 247.7; TB.; BDh.
tāṃ satyāṃ śraddhām abhy ā hi yātam RV.1.108.6c.
tāni satyam uta bhūtaṃ tatakṣa AVP.1.101.1b.
tasmāt satyaṃ paramaṃ vadanti TA.10.63.1e; MahānU.22.1e.
tat satyaṃ yat te devā varam adaduḥ PG.1.16.24a.
tat satyaṃ yat te 'māvāsyāyāṃ ca paurṇamāsyāṃ ca viṣabaliṃ haranti sarva udarasarpiṇaḥ ApMB.2.17.4 (ApG.7.18.8).
tat satyaṃ yat te saramā PG.1.16.24a; ApMB.2.16.7a (ApG.7.18.1).
tat satyaṃ yat tvaṃ prajāpatir asi TS.; KSA.1.11.
tat satyaṃ yat tvendro 'bravīd gā spāśayasveti tās tvaṃ spāśayitvāgachas taṃ tvābravīd avida hā3ity avidaṃ hīti varaṃ vṛṇīṣveti kumāram evāhaṃ varaṃ vṛṇa ity abravīḥ ApMB.2.16.4 (ApG.7.18.1).
tat satyaṃ yad amuṃ yamasya jambhayoḥ TA.4.37.1b.
tat satyaṃ yad ahaṃ bravīmi ApMB.2.21.32c,33e; HG.1.15.6e.
tat satyaṃ yad vīraṃ bibhṛthaḥ (Mś. vibhṛtaḥ, read bibhṛtaḥ [vḷ. bibhṛthaḥ]) TB.; Apś.5.8.8; Mś.
tat satyaṃ devasaṃhitam AVP.9.17.9d.
tat satyam TB.,4,5,7; Apś.8.4.3; Mś.
tat satyam arcad upa yajñaṃ na āgāt TB.
yābhiḥ satyaṃ bhavati yad vṛṇīṣe AVś.9.2.25b.
yadā satyaṃ kṛṇute manyum indraḥ RV.4.17.10c; MS.4.14.12c: 235.6; TB.
yaḥ satyāṃ vācam anṛtena hanti AVP.5.32.6d.
yat satyaṃ tad dṛśyatām AG.1.5.4.
yathā satyaṃ cānṛtaṃ ca AVś.2.15.5a; AVP.6.5.12a.
yathaiṣu satyam āhitam AVś.10.3.25b.
aghamarṣaṇam (sc. sūktam), designation of the hymn # RV.10.190 (ṛtaṃ ca satyaṃ cābhīddhāt); HG.2.18.9; GDh.19.12; 24.10,12; BDh.; 10.17.37; 3.4.5; 5.2; 10.10; 4.2.7,15; 3.8; 4.2; ViDh.22.10,63; 46.5; 51.25; 55.4,7; 56.3; 64.19; VāDh.22.9; 23.19,23; 26.8; 28.11; MDh.11.260; YDh.3.302; LAtDh.2.8; 3.11; and p. 6, l. 7; VAtDh.2.8; 3.11; and p. 52 (bis), lines 12 and 13; LHDh.4.32; VHDh.4.30; 7.74; 8.7; Rvidh.4.23.5; Karmap.2.1.9; BṛhPDh.2.54,55; LVyāsaDh.2.21,25; śaṅkhaDh.8.10,13; 10.2; 11.1; 18.1,2; Mahābh.3.263.29.
atred u me maṃsase satyam uktam # RV.10.27.10a.
adrogheṇa vacasā satyam agne # RV.3.14.6d; KS.6.10d.
amṛtaṃ ca stha satyaṃ ca stha # KS.39.1.
arcayanti tapaḥ satyam # MahānU.13.1. Cf. footnote at TA.10.15.1.
āgnīdhrād viduṣī satyam # TB.
āpas tat satyam ābharan # TB.; Aś.5.13.14e.
idaṃ dyāvāpṛthivī satyam astu # RV.1.185.11a; MS.4.14.7a: 224.13; TB.
idam aham anṛtāt satyam upaimi # VS.1.5; śB.; śś.4.8.3; Mś.; SMB.1.6.9--13. P: idam aham Kś.2.1.11. See anṛtāt satyam.
indraḥ sutrāmā hṛdayena satyam # VS.19.85a; MS.3.11.9a: 153.11; KS.38.3a; TB.
uto tat satyam it tava # RV.8.93.5c; AVś.20.112.2c.
udyan mitrāya varuṇāya satyam # RV.7.60.1b; MS.4.12.4b: 187.13.
ṛtaṃ satye pratiṣṭhitam # SMB.2.4.10a. Cf. GG.4.5.31; KhG.4.1.15, and ṛte satyaṃ.
ṛtaṃ ca me satyaṃ cābhūtām # TB.; Apś.10.9.4.
ṛtaṃ ca satyaṃ ca vadata # TS.; Aś.5.2.14; Vait.17.4. Cf. for this and the next, ṛtaś ca.
ṛtaṃ ca satyaṃ cābhīddhāt # RV.10.190.1a; TA.10.1.13a; MahānU.5.5a. P: ṛtaṃ ca satyaṃ ca śG.1.4.2; BDh.4.4.2; Mahābh.12.152.30. See aghamarṣaṇa. Cf. under prec.
ṛtaṃ ca stha satyaṃ ca stha # Apś.16.33.1.
ṛtaṃ nātyeti kiṃ (GG. kaś) cana # TB.; Apś.8.4.2b; Mś.; GG.2.1.7b. Cf. ṛte satyaṃ.
ṛtam asi satyaṃ nāma # TS.,3.
ṛtaś ca satyaś ca # VS.17.82; TS.; MS.2.6.6: 67.16; 2.11.1: 140.3; KS.18.6; Mś. Cf. under ṛtaṃ ca satyaṃ.
eha śrīś ca hrīś ca dhṛtiś ca tapo medhā pratiṣṭhā śraddhā satyaṃ dharmaś caitāni mottiṣṭhantam anūttiṣṭhantu # TA.4.42.5.
oṃ tat satyam # TA.10.29.1; Tā.10.68.
oṃ tapaś ca tejaś ca satyaṃ cātmā ca dhṛtiś ca dharmaś ca sattvaṃ ca tyāgaś ca brahmā ca brahma ca tāni prapadye tāni mām avantu # JG.1.2. See tapaś ca tejaś ca.
oṃ bhūr bhuvaḥ suvar mahar janas tapaḥ satyam # TA.10.28.1; MahānU.15.3. See bhūr etc.
oṃ bhūr bhuvaḥ svas tapaḥ satyaṃ yaśaḥ śrīr ūrg iḍaujas tejaḥ puruṣo dharmaḥ śivaḥ # GDh.27.8.
kasminn aṅge satyam asya pratiṣṭhitam # AVś.10.7.1d.
kim āpaḥ satyaṃ prepsantīḥ # AVś.10.7.37c.
ko asmin satyaṃ ko 'nṛtam # AVś.10.2.14c.
kṣatraṃ rāṣṭram ṛtaṃ satyam # JB.3.373a.
cakṣur yad eṣāṃ manasaś ca satyam (AVP. saṃdṛk) # AVś.2.35.4b; AVP.1.88.4b. See cakṣur yeṣāṃ, and cakṣuṣa eṣāṃ.
chandāṃsi pakṣau mukham asya satyam # AVś.4.34.1c; AVP.6.22.1c.
tad evartaṃ tad u satyam āhuḥ # TA.10.1.2a; MahānU.1.6a.
tan nas tapa uta satyaṃ ca vettu # AVś.12.3.12d.
tan nu satyaṃ pavamānasyāstu # RV.9.92.5a.
tapaś ca tejaś ca śraddhā ca hrīś ca satyaṃ cākrodhaś ca tyāgaś ca dhṛtiś ca dharmaś ca satvaṃ ca vāk ca manaś cātmā ca brahma ca tāni prapadye tāni mām avantu # SMB.2.4.5. P: tapaś ca tejaś ca GG.4.5.8. Designated as prapad or prapada GG.4.5.7,14; KhG.1.2.23; 4.1.7; Karmap.1.9.5; Gṛhyas.1.96. See oṃ tapaś ca tejaś ca, and cf. oṃ prapadye and bhūḥ prapadye.
tapaś ca satyaṃ caudanam # AVP.5.14.4a.
tayor yat satyaṃ yatarad ṛjīyaḥ # RV.7.104.12c; AVś.8.4.12c.
tavet tat satyam aṅgiraḥ # RV.1.1.6c.
tām ebhyaḥ satyām āśiṣam # AVP.8.18.1c.
te asya ghnantv anṛtena satyam # AVś.7.70.2b; TB.
tvāṃ hi satyam adrivaḥ # RV.8.46.2a.
tveṣaṃ satvānam ṛgmiyam # RV.8.40.10b. Cf. satyaṃ satvānam.
dasyuhanaṃ pūrbhidam indra satyam # RV.10.47.4c; MS.4.14.8c: 227.16.
divo jyote (KS.9.3, jyotir) vivasva āditya te no devā deveṣu satyāṃ devahūtim āsuvadhvam # KS.8.14; 9.3. See under devajūte vivasvann.
duṣṭutād durupayuktān nyūnādhikāc ca sarvasmāt svasti devaṛṣibhyaś ca brahma satyaṃ ca pātu mām # śG.6.6.16.
devajūte vivasvann āditya te no devāḥ satyāṃ devahūtiṃ deveṣv āsuvadhvam # MS.1.7.1: 110.5; 1.7.5: 114.8. See divo jyote, and vivasvāṃ aditir.
devāṃśo yasmai tveḍe tat satyam upariprutā (Apś. apariplutā) bhaṅgena (Apś. bhaṅgyena) # VS.7.3; śB.; Apś.12.11.10. P: devāṃśo Kś.9.4.39.
devo na yaḥ savitā satyamanmā # RV.1.73.2a; 9.97.48d.
dyumnaṃ citraśravastamam # RV.3.59.6c; VS.11.62c; TS.; MS.1.5.4c: 71.1; 2.7.6c: 81.18; 4.9.1c: 121.18; KS.16.6c; TA.4.3.2c; KA.1.26c; 1.218Fc. See satyaṃ citra-.
dyauṣ pitā janitā satyam ukṣan # RV.4.1.10d.
dharman divo dharuṇe satyam arpitam # RV.10.170.2b; SV.2.804b.
progrāṃ pītiṃ vṛṣṇa iyarmi satyām # RV.10.104.3a; AVś.20.25.7a; 33.2a; Aś.6.4.10. P: progrāṃ pītim śś.9.18.5; Vait.26.10.
brahma sūryasamaṃ jyotiḥ # VS.23.48a; śB.; śś.16.5.2a. See satyaṃ sūrya-.
bhūr bhuvaḥ svar (TAṃahānU. suvar) mahar janas tapaḥ satyam # TA.10.28.1; MahānU.15.3; BṛhPDh.2.60; śaṅkhaDh.11. Designated as brahmahṛdayam BDh. See oṃ bhūr etc.
bhūr bhuvaḥ suvaḥ satyaṃ tapaḥ śraddhāyāṃ juhomi # ApDh.
mano jyotir vāk satyaṃ māno bhadraḥ # JB.2.45,418. See vāk sarvaṃ, and vāg bhadraṃ.
mayi śrīḥ śrayatām # JG.1.19. See satyaṃ yaśaḥ śrīr etc.
māṃ śrīś ca hrīś ca dhṛtiś ca tapo medhā pratiṣṭhā śraddhā satyaṃ dharmaś caitāni mā mā hāsiṣuḥ # TA.4.42.5.
mitra dhiye varuṇa satyam astu # RV.4.1.18d.
yac ciketa satyam it tan na mogham # RV.10.55.6c; SV.2.1133c.
yathā na satyaṃ puruṣaḥ # AVP.11.2.9a.
yad ahaṃ bravīmi tat satyam adharo mat padyasva # PG.3.13.6.
yad vā ghā satyam uta yan na vidma # RV.5.85.8b; 10.139.5c; TS.; MS.4.14.3b: 218.14; KS.23.12b. See yad vādya.
yad vādya satyam uta yan na vidma # TA.4.11.7c. See yad vā ghā satyam.
yaṃ mitram āhur yam u satyam (AVP. somam) āhuḥ # AVP.2.57.2b; TB.; Apś.13.4.2b.
yuvaṃ narā nāsatyāmumuktam # RV.1.116.14b.
yuvor ṛtaṃ rodasī satyam astu # RV.3.54.3a.
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satyam Absolute TruthSB 5.12.11
satyam actuallyCC Madhya 20.180
satyam and honestySB 10.47.33
satyam certainlySB 5.19.27
satyam correctSB 10.60.49
satyam highest truthCC Adi 2.30
CC Adi 3.69
CC Adi 6.23
satyam in truthSB 10.54.19-20
satyam indeedSB 3.18.10
satyam indestructibleSB 10.28.15
satyam is the Absolute TruthSB 11.28.20
satyam it is trueCC Madhya 22.40
CC Madhya 24.103
CC Madhya 24.199
satyam it is truthSB 8.20.2
satyam now the boys decided that it was in fact a living pythonSB 10.12.20
satyam of the name SatyaSB 4.24.8
satyam realSB 11.24.18
SB 12.4.27
satyam realitySB 11.19.28-32
SB 11.19.36-39
satyam SatyaSB 11.24.14
satyam speaking the truth without distortion or deviationSB 7.11.8-12
satyam take as truthSB 10.3.43
satyam the Absolute TruthSB 8.12.5
SB 8.4.17-24
satyam the correct thingSB 5.6.2
satyam the eternal supreme truthSB 8.5.26
satyam the factual truthSB 8.19.39
satyam the Lord is the original truthSB 10.2.26
satyam the planet SatyalokaSB 8.21.1
satyam the realSB 11.29.22
satyam the Supreme TruthSB 2.1.39
satyam the topmost planetary systemSB 2.1.28
satyam the truthCC Madhya 20.359
CC Madhya 22.6
CC Madhya 25.148
CC Madhya 8.266
MM 40
SB 10.22.10
SB 6.18.70
SB 7.5.9
satyam the truth isSB 8.19.38
satyam the ultimate truthSB 9.5.5
satyam TRUESB 10.14.14
SB 10.23.29
SB 10.33.31
SB 10.46.35
SB 10.60.35
SB 10.78.35
SB 11.24.3
SB 12.12.49
SB 7.8.17
satyam trulyBG 18.65
CC Antya 3.60
CC Madhya 22.57-58
satyam truthBG 16.7
SB 1.1.1
SB 1.10.25
SB 1.7.53-54
SB 11.17.16
satyam TruthSB 11.31.7
satyam truthSB 12.2.1
SB 12.3.18
SB 2.6.40-41
SB 3.12.41
SB 4.8.18
SB 7.6.26
SB 8.7.25
SB 9.4.10
satyam truthfulBG 17.15
SB 10.10.24
SB 10.8.52
satyam truthfullyCC Adi 4.211
SB 10.17.11
SB 9.20.22
satyam truthfulnessBG 10.4-5
BG 16.1-3
CC Madhya 22.88-90
SB 1.16.26-30
SB 1.17.24
SB 1.17.25
SB 10.4.41
SB 11.14.10
SB 11.17.21
SB 11.19.33-35
SB 11.25.2-5
SB 11.3.26
SB 3.28.4
SB 3.31.33
SB 5.5.24
SB 7.10.8
SB 7.11.21
SB 7.11.24
SB 8.20.25-29
SB 8.22.29-30
SB 9.7.24
satyam upon the truthSB 12.13.19
satyam ca and truthfulnessSB 7.11.22
satyam ca and truthfulnessSB 7.11.22
satyam param the supreme Absolute TruthCC Madhya 25.147
satyam param the supreme Absolute TruthCC Madhya 25.147
satyam śabde by the word satyam, or Absolute TruthCC Madhya 20.360
satyam śabde by the word satyam, or Absolute TruthCC Madhya 20.360
satyambharā SatyambharāSB 5.20.3-4
asatyam unrealBG 16.8
asatyam untrueSB 10.88.34
tri-satyam He is always present as the Absolute Truth, before the creation of this cosmic manifestation, during its maintenance, and even after its annihilationSB 10.2.26
tri-satyam He is always present as the Absolute Truth, before the creation of this cosmic manifestation, during its maintenance, and even after its annihilationSB 10.2.26
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satyamugra adjective truly powerful (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

Frequency rank 68674/72933
satyamātrā noun (feminine) [rel.] name of Devī
Frequency rank 68673/72933
yathāsatyam indeclinable in accordance with truth (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

Frequency rank 29791/72933
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khalu, nūnam, satyam, arthataḥ, tatvataḥ, vastutaḥ, avyalīkam, yathārtham, tattvena, yathātatham, yathārthataḥ, paramārthataḥ, anuṣatyam, añjasā, addhā   

prakṛtam eva।

bhoḥ, vismṛtavān khalu bhavataḥ nāma।


satyam, tathyam, ṛtam, samyak, avitatham, tattvam, tattvārtham, yathārthavacaman, yāthārthyam, sattvam, sattā, paramārthaḥ, pūtam   

tad vacanam yad yathārtham nyāyasaṅgatam dharmasaṅgataṃ ca;

satyasya rakṣaṇāya taiḥ svasya prāṇāḥ arpitāḥ। / varaṃ kūpaśatādvāpī varaṃ vāpīśatāt kratuḥ varaṃ kratuśatāt putraḥ satyaṃ putraśatāt kila।


asatyam, mithyā, mṛṣā, vitathaḥ, anṛtam, kūṭaḥ, kūṭam   

tad vacanam yad ayathārtham anyāyasaṅgatam adharmasaṅgataṃ ca;

asatyaṃ vacanaṃ pāpam। / rājā pramāṇaṃ bhūtānāṃ sa vinaśyenmṛṣā vadan arthakṛcchramapi prāpya na mithyā kartumutsahe।


jalam, vāri, ambu, ambhaḥ, payaḥ, salilam, sarilam, udakam, udam, jaḍam, payas, toyam, pānīyam, āpaḥ, nīram, vāḥ, pāthas, kīlālam, annam, apaḥ, puṣkaram, arṇaḥ, peyam, salam, saṃvaram, śaṃvaram, saṃmbam, saṃvatsaram, saṃvavaraḥ, kṣīram, pāyam, kṣaram, kamalam, komalam, pīvā, amṛtam, jīvanam, jīvanīyam, bhuvanam, vanam, kabandham, kapandham, nāram, abhrapuṣpam, ghṛtam, kaṃ, pīppalam, kuśam, viṣam, kāṇḍam, savaram, saram, kṛpīṭam, candrorasam, sadanam, karvuram, vyoma, sambaḥ, saraḥ, irā, vājam, tāmarasa, kambalam, syandanam, sambalam, jalapītham, ṛtam, ūrjam, komalam, somam, andham, sarvatomukham, meghapuṣpam, ghanarasaḥ, vahnimārakaḥ, dahanārātiḥ, nīcagam, kulīnasam, kṛtsnam, kṛpīṭam, pāvanam, śaralakam, tṛṣāham, kṣodaḥ, kṣadmaḥ, nabhaḥ, madhuḥ, purīṣam, akṣaram, akṣitam, amba, aravindāni, sarṇīkam, sarpiḥ, ahiḥ, sahaḥ, sukṣema, sukham, surā, āyudhāni, āvayāḥ, induḥ, īm, ṛtasyayoniḥ, ojaḥ, kaśaḥ, komalam, komalam, kṣatram, kṣapaḥ, gabhīram, gambhanam, gahanam, janma, jalāṣam, jāmi, tugryā, tūyam, tṛptiḥ, tejaḥ, sadma, srotaḥ, svaḥ, svadhā, svargāḥ, svṛtikam, haviḥ, hema, dharuṇam, dhvasmanvatu, nāma, pavitram, pāthaḥ, akṣaram, pūrṇam, satīnam, sat, satyam, śavaḥ, śukram, śubham, śambaram, vūsam, vṛvūkam, vyomaḥ, bhaviṣyat, vapuḥ, varvuram, varhiḥ, bhūtam, bheṣajam, mahaḥ, mahat, mahaḥ, mahat, yaśaḥ, yahaḥ, yāduḥ, yoniḥ, rayiḥ, rasaḥ, rahasaḥ, retam   

sindhuhimavarṣādiṣu prāptaḥ dravarupo padārthaḥ yaḥ pāna-khāna-secanādyartham upayujyate।

jalaṃ jīvanasya ādhāram। /ajīrṇe jalam auṣadhaṃ jīrṇe balapradam। āhārakāle āyurjanakaṃ bhuktānnopari rātrau na peyam।


yuddham, saṃgrāmaḥ, samaraḥ, samaram, āyodhanam, āhavam, raṇyam, anīkaḥ, anīkam, abhisampātaḥ, abhyāmardaḥ, araraḥ, ākrandaḥ, ājiḥ, yodhanam, jamyam, pradhanam, pravidāraṇam, mṛdham, āskandanam, saṃkhyam, samīkam, sāmyarāyikam, kalahaḥ, vigrahaḥ, saṃprahāraḥ, kaliḥ, saṃsphoṭaḥ, saṃyugaḥ, samāghātaḥ, saṃgrāmaḥ, abhyāgamaḥ, āhavaḥ, samudāyaḥ, saṃyat, samitiḥ, ājiḥ, samit, yut, saṃrāvaḥ, ānāhaḥ, samparāyakaḥ, vidāraḥ, dāraṇam, saṃvit, samparāyaḥ, balajam, ānarttaḥ, abhimaraḥ, samudayaḥ, raṇaḥ, vivāk, vikhādaḥ, nadanuḥ, bharaḥ, ākrandaḥ, ājiḥ, pṛtanājyam, abhīkam, samīkam, mamasatyam, nemadhitā, saṅkāḥ, samitiḥ, samanam, mīऴ् he, pṛtanāḥ, spṛt, spṛd, mṛt, mṛd, pṛt, pṛd, samatsu, samaryaḥ, samaraṇam, samohaḥ, samithaḥ, saṅkhe, saṅge, saṃyugam, saṅgathaḥ, saṅgame, vṛtratūryam, pṛkṣaḥ, āṇiḥ, śīrasātau, vājasātiḥ, samanīkam, khalaḥ, khajaḥ, pauṃsye, mahādhanaḥ, vājaḥ, ajam, sadma, saṃyat, saṃyad, saṃvataḥ   

śatrutāvaśād anyarājyaiḥ saha saśastrasenābalena dharmalābhārtham arthalābhārthaṃ yaśolābhārthaṃ vā yodhanam।

yatra ayuddhe dhruvaṃ nāśo yuddhe jīvitasaṃśayaḥ taṃ kālam ekaṃ yuddhasya pravadanti manīṣiṇaḥ।


vāstavikam, vāstavikaḥ, vāstavikī, vāstavaḥ, vāstavī, vāstavam, tathyaḥ, tathyam, tathyā, yathārthaḥ, yathārtham, yathārthā, san, sat, satī, satyaḥ, satyam, satyā, prakṛtaḥ, prakṛtā, prakṛtam, akalpitaḥ, akalpitam, akalpitā   

yad yathārthabhūtam asti tad।

śaśaśṛṅgaṃ na vāstavikaḥ padārthaḥ asti।


śapathaḥ, divyam, satyam, samayaḥ, pratyayaḥ, abhīṣaṅgaḥ, abhiṣaṅgaḥ, parigrahaḥ, kriyā, śāpaḥ, śapaḥ, śapanam, abhiśāpaḥ, pariśāpaḥ   

dṛḍhaniścayātmakaṃ vacanam।

bhoḥ śapathaḥ asti na kimapi kathitaṃ mayā।


satyayugam, satyam, satyaṃ yugam   

hindūnāṃ mate kālasya caturvibhāgeṣu prathamaḥ satya yugasaṃjñakaḥ sa ca 1728000 varṣaparyantaḥ। rājā hariścandraḥ satyayuge ajāyata। /

satyayugasya lakṣaṇam- satya-dharma-rato nityaṃ tīrthānāṃ ca sadāśrayam। nandanti devatāḥ sarvāḥ satye satyaparā narāḥ॥


satyam, satyā, satyaḥ, yathārtham, avitathaḥ, avitatham, avitathā, akṛtrimaḥ, akṛtrimā, akṛtrimam, gatālīkaḥ, gatālīkā, gatālīkam, nirmāyikaḥ, nirmāyikam, nirmāyikaḥ, akapaṭaḥ, akapaṭam, akapaṭā, niṣkapaṭī, niṣkapaṭaḥ, ṛtam, samyak, tathyam   

yathā asti tathā। vinā kapaṭaṃ vā।

adhyakṣeṇa nirbhayo bhūtvā satyaṃ kathanīyam।



ekaḥ vidyālayaḥ śikṣāpaddhatiḥ vā ।

satyamaudgalasya ullekhaḥ vivaraṇapustikāyām asti



ekā nadī ।

satyambharāyāḥ ullekhaḥ bhāgavatapurāṇe asti

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