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sarvavarmanm. Name of a grammarian (see śarva-v-) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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kātantram कातन्त्रम् N. of a grammar (said to have been written by Śarvavarman through the favour of Kārttikeya).
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sarvavarmanspelt as शर्वबर्मन् also, the reputed author of the Katantra Vyakarana. He is believed to have been a contemporary of the poet Gunadbya at the Satavahana court, and to have revised and redacted the Katantra Sutras already existing for the benefit of his patron. With him began the Katantra school of grammar, the main contribution to which was made by दुर्गसिंहृ who wrote a scholarly gloss on the Katantra Sutras. For details see कातन्त्र,
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