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sakratu(s/a--) mfn. being of one accord or one mind with (instrumental case) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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sakratu a. being of one accord, with (in.; RV.); -kriya, a. acting, active; -krudh, a. angry, enraged; -krodha, a. angry: -m, ad. angrily, -hâsam, ad. with an angry laugh.
Bloomfield Vedic
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agniś ca soma sakratū adhattam # RV.1.93.5b; TS.; MS.1.5.1b (only in Padap.: see p. 65, note 6); 4.10.1b: 144.14; KS.4.16b; AB.2.9.5b; TB.; Kauś.5.1b.
āgrayaṇas te dakṣakratū pātv asau # Aś.6.9.3. See ātmānaṃ ta āgra-.
kratūdakṣābhyāṃ me varcodā varcase pavasva # VS.7.27; VSK.9.1.2; śB. See dakṣakratubhyāṃ.
tebhir bhava sakratur yeṣu cākan # RV.10.148.4c.
dakṣakratubhyāṃ me varcodāḥ pavasva (TS. only dakṣakratubhyāṃ, sc. me varcodā varcase pavasva) # TS.; Mś. P: dakṣakratubhyāṃ me Apś.12.18.20. See kratūdakṣābhyāṃ.
patir jajñe vṛṣakratuḥ # RV.6.45.16c.
mayi dakṣakratū # TS.; Apś.4.3.12; AG.3.6.7; HG.1.16.2. Cf. next.
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