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sajyate: third person singular passive system present class sañj
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āsañjP. -sajati-, to fasten on, attach, fix ; to fasten on one's self, put on (as dress, armour, etc.) etc. ; to fix one's self to, adhere to ; to take up etc. ; to take hold of, cling to etc.: Causal -sañjayati-, to cause to attach or put or fix on ; to employ : Passive voice -sajyate-, to adhere, cohere, be attached: Desiderative -sisaṅkṣati-, to wish to attach View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
samāsañjP. -sajati-, to fasten or stick together, join or attach to, fix or place on, wrap or suspend round ; to impose, resign or deliver over to (locative case) etc.: Passive voice -sajyate-, or -sajjate-, to cling or adhere closely together, cling or stick to, become attached to View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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