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saṃdhayaNom. (fr. saṃ-dhi-;also with anu-prefixed ) P. yati-, to put or join together, unite (especially "to join bow and arrow","take aim";with ātmani-,"to appropriate to one's self, assume, acquire") etc. ; to be reconciled, conclude peace (only in infinitive mood saṃ-dhitum-,which may also be referred to saṃ-dhā-) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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saṃdhaya den. [fr. samdhi] P. put together, join, unite with (in.); assume, ac quire; conclude peace: pp. ita, joined; ad justed (arrow); applied; united with (--°ree;); allied, having concluded peace.
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saṃdhay verb (denominative parasmaipada) img/alchemy.bmp
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