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virudhP. A1. -ruṇaddhi-, -runddhe-, (P.) to hinder, obstruct, invest, besiege ; to close ; (A1.) to encounter opposition from (instrumental case) : Passive voice -rudhyate- (mc. also ti-), to be impeded or checked or kept back or withheld etc. ; to be opposed, to contend with (instrumental case with or without saha-, genitive case locative case,or accusative with prati-) etc. ; to be at variance with or contradictory to (instrumental case) ; to fail : Causal -rodhayati- (rarely te-), to set at variance, disunite ; to oppose, encounter, fight against or contend, with (accusative,rarely genitive case) ; to object to (accusative) : Desiderative -rurutsati-, to wish to commence hostility View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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