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rujya: Gerund (-ya)ruj
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avaruj(ind.p. -rujya-) to break off (as shrubs) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
ruj cl.6 P. () ruj/ati- (Epic also te-; perfect tense rur/oja- etc.; Aorist 2. sg. rok- ; ruk- ; araukṣīt- grammar; future roktā-, rokṣyati- ; infinitive mood -r/uje- ; ind.p. ruktv/ā-, -r/ujya- ), to break, break open, dash to pieces, shatter, destroy etc. ; to cause pain, afflict, injure (with accusative or genitive case; confer, compare ) etc. etc.: Causal rojayati- (Aorist arūrujat-), to cause to break etc. ; to strike upon (locative case) ; (cl.10. ) to hurt, injure, kill: Desiderative rurukṣati- grammar (See rurukṣ/aṇi-): Intensive rorujyate-, rorokti-, grammar ([ confer, compare Greek ; Latin lugeo.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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