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dahramfn. small, fine, thin, (re para-rātre-,"in the shorter half of the night") View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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racana n. arranging, preparing, com posing: â, f. arrangement, disposition, pre paration; performance, accomplishment; for mation, production of (--°ree; often concrete= product); work, composition; style; array of troops; contrivance, invention; putting on (of garments).
satkathā f. good conversation or tale; -kartri, m. benefactor; -karman, n. good work, virtuous act; a. performing good actions; -kalâ, f. fine art; -kavi, m. good or true poet: -tva, n. true poetic gift;-kâra, m. sg., pl. kind treatment, hospitable recep tion, hospitality; praise, favour (of a king, --°ree;): -½arha, a. worthy of hospitable treat ment; -kârya, fp. effected; deserving of honour or hospitality; n. necessary exist ence of the effect (as inherent in the cause: in Sâ&ndot;khya phil.): -vâda, m. theory of the actual existence of the effect, -vâdin, m. ad herent of this theory; -kâvya, n. good poem; -kîrti, f. good reputation; a. having a --; -kula, n. good or noble family; a. belonging to a --; -krita, pp. honoured, treated hos pitably; n. honourable reception; -kriti, f. kind treatment, hospitable reception, hos pitality; -kritya, gd. having entertained hospitably; -kriyâ, f. putting in order, pre paration (rare); sg., pl. kind treatment, hos pitable reception, hospitality (ord. mg.); cele bration (of a wedding, --°ree;); -kshetra, n. good field.
saṃnahana n. tying together; pre paration; cord; equipment; -nâda, m. sound, din, cry, roar; -nâdana, a. causing to sound, filling with noise; -nâma, m. subjection; modification; -nâha, m. tying up, girding; preparation, equipment; undertaking; cord; armour, mail; trappings of a horse; -nikar sha, m. drawing together, approximation, close contact, with (--°ree;); connexion with, re lation to (--°ree;); nearness, proximity: -m, ac. (go etc.) near; ab. from one's presence (de- part etc.); lc. in the neighbourhood of (g., --°ree;); -nikâsa, --°ree; a. having the appearance of; -nikrishta, pp. near etc.; n. nearness, prox imity: -m, ad.near (--°ree;); lc. in the neigh bourhood of (g., --°ree;); -nikaya, m. accumula tion; abundance, plenty, store; -nidhâtri, m. one who is near; receiver (of stolen goods); official on duty; -nidhâna, n. (putting toge ther into), receptacle; nearness, proximity, presence; existence: ab. from (g.); lc. in the neighbourhood or presence of (g., --°ree;); -nidhi, m. juxtaposition; proximity, vicinity, pre sence, existence: lc. in the presence of, near (g., --°ree;); -m, into the presence of, near (g., --°ree;); -m kri, bandh, or vi-dhâ, take up one's position or abode in (lc.); -nipâta, m. con tact, collision, encounter, with (in.); con junction, combination, aggregation, mixture; (morbid combination=) disorder of the three bodily humours; fall, descent (in lakshana-); collapse, death (very rare): -nidrâ, f. trance; -nipâtita, cs. pp. brought together, assembled; -nipâtya, fp. to be shot (arrow) at (lc.); -nibarhana, n. repression, mastery (of the heart); -nibha, a. resembling, like, -ish (--°ree;; sometimes with names of colours).
Bloomfield Vedic
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idaṃ tad akṣare parame vyoman # TA.10.1.1d; MahānU.1.2d.
guhā nāmāni dadhire parāṇi # RV.10.5.2d.
tad akṣare parame prajāḥ # TA.10.1.1d; MahānU.1.3d.
na te dūre paramā cid rajāṃsi # RV.3.30.2a; VS.34.19a.
vaḥ kṣetre parabījāni vāpsuḥ # ApDh.
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sāra-bhṛtām those who are paramahaṃsas, who have accepted the essence of lifeSB 10.13.2
brahmaṇi who are Parabrahman, the Supreme BrahmanSB 10.3.19
sāra-bhṛtām those who are paramahaṃsas, who have accepted the essence of lifeSB 10.13.2
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