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rathakāras: masculine nominative singular stem: rathakāra
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rathakāram. a chariots-maker, carriage-builder, wheelwright, carpenter (regarded as the son of a māhiṣya- by a karaṇī-) etc. (see ) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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rathakāra m. wheelwright, car penter; a mixed caste (offspring of a Mâhishya and a Karanî): -tva, n. trade of a carpenter; -krit, m. wheelwright, carpenter; -kshobha, m. jolting of a chariot; -gritsá,m. skilful charioteer; -ghosha, m. sound or rumbling of a chariot; -kakrá, n. chariot-wheel; -karana, m. id.; -karyâ, f. driving in a chariot (often pl.); -gñâna, n. skill in driving; -gñânin, a. skilled in driving; -dhur, f. pole of a chariot; -nâbhí, f. nave of a chariot-wheel; -nirghosha, m. rum bling of a chariot; -nisvana, m. sound of a chariot; -nîda, m. n. interior or seat of a chariot; -nemi, f. felly of a chariot-wheel; -m-tará, n. N. of various Sâmans; m. a form of Agni (son of Tapas); -bandha, m. fastenings of a chariot; -bha&ndot;ga, m. break down of a chariot; -mahotsava, m. solemn procession of an idol in a car; -yâtrâ, f. id.; -mârga, m.carriage road; -yúg, a. yoking or yoked to a car (RV.); m. charioteer; -yuddha, n. chariot fight; -yoga, m. chariot team; use of a chariot, art of driving; -yog aka, m. yoker of a car; -yodha, m. chariot fighter; -rasmi, m.chariot-trace; -vamsa, m. multitude of chariots; (rátha)-vat, a. having a chariot, consisting in chariots (RV.); containing the word ratha; -vara, m. excellent chariot; -vartman, n. chariot-road, high road; -vâhá, a.(&isharp;) drawing a chariot; m. chariot-horse; charioteer: -ka, m. charioteer; -vigñâna, n., -vidyâ, f. knowledge of or skill in driving; -vîthî, f. carriage road, high road; -sakti, f. flagstaff on a war-chariot; -sâlâ, f.carriage-shed, coach-house; -sikshâ, f. art of driving; -siras, n. fore-part of a chariot; -stha, a. standing on or fighting from a chariot; -svana, m. sound or rattle of a chariot.
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rathakāra ‘Chariot-maker,’ is mentioned in the Atharva­veda as one of those who are to be subject to the king, seeming to stand generally as an example of the industrial population. He is also referred to in the Yajurveda Samhitās and in the Brāhmaṇas: in all these passages, as well as probably in the Atharvaveda also, the Rathakāra already forms a caste. The later system4 regards the Rathakāra as the offspring of a Māhiṣya (the son of a Kṣatriya husband and a Vaiśya wife) and a Karanī (the daughter of a Vaiśya husband and a śūdra wife), but it is unreasonable^to suppose that such an origin is historically accurate. The Rathakāras must rather be deemed to have been a functional caste. Hillebrandt6 suggests that ♦.he Anu tribe formed the basis of the Rathakāra caste, referring to their worship of the Rbhus, who are, of course, the chariot- makers par excellence. But there is little ground for this view.
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rathakāra noun (masculine) a chariots-maker (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
carpenter (regarded as the son of a Māhishya by a Karaṇī) (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
carriage-builder (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
wheelwright (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

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chariots-maker; carpenter; carriage builder; wheelwright, who builds or repairs wooden wheels.

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