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rajyate: third person singular present present class 4 ātmanepadarañj
rajyate: third person singular passive system present class rañj
rajyate: neuter dative singular stem: rajyat.
rajyate: masculine dative singular stem: rajyat.
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abhirañj -rajyate-, to be pleased with (instrumental case): Causal P. "to colour" (see abhi-rañjita-). View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
aparañj -rajyate-, to become unfavourable to View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
bhrāj cl.1 A1. () bhr/ājate- (rarely P. ti-; perfect tense babhrāja- ; bhreje-, babhrājire-and bhrejire- grammar; Aorist abhrāṭ-, abhrāji- ; abhrājiṣṭa- grammar; preceding bhrājyāsam- ; future bhrājitā- grammar; bhrājiṣyate- ; infinitive mood bhrājitum- ), to shine, beam, sparkle, glitter etc. ; (with na-), to be of no account : Causal bhrājayati- (Aorist ababhrājat-and abibhrajat-), to cause to shine or glitter, illuminate, irradiate : Desiderative bibhrājiṣate- grammar ; Intensive bābhrājyate- or bābhrāṣṭi- [ confer, compare bhṛgu-; Greek ; Latin fulgere,flammaforflag-maetc.; Lithuanian blizgu4; German bleichen; English bleach.]
rāj (prob. originally two roots; see raj- rañj-, ṛñj-) cl.1 P. A1. () r/ājati-, te- (Ved. also rāṣṭi-, rāṭ-; perfect tense rarāja-; rarāje-or reje-,2. sg. P. rarājitha-or rejitha- etc.; Aorist arājiṣuḥ- ; arājiṣṭa- grammar; future rājitā-, rājiṣyati- ; infinitive mood rāj/ase- ), to reign, be king or chief, rule over (genitive case), direct, govern (accusative) etc. ; to be illustrious or resplendent, shine, glitter ; to appear as or like (iva-) : Causal rājayati-, te- (Aorist ararājat-), to reign, rule ; to illuminate, make radiant (see rājita-): Desiderative rirājiṣati-, te- grammar : Intensive rārājyate-, rārāṣṭi- [For cognate wordsSee under rājan-.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
rañj or raj- cl.1.4. P. A1. () rajati-, te- (only grammar; -rañjati- ) or rajyati-, te- (grammar also perfect tense P. rarañja-,3rd dual number rarajatuḥ-or rarañjatuḥ-; A1. rarañje-; Aorist arāṅkṣīt-, araṅkta-; preceding rajyāt-, raṅkṣīṣṭa-; future raṅktā-; raṅkṣyati-, te-; infinitive mood raṅktum-; ind.p. raktvā-or raṅktvā-), to be dyed or coloured, to redden, grow red, glow ; to be affected or moved, be excited or glad, be charmed or delighted by (instrumental case), be attracted by or enamoured of, fall in love with (locative case) etc. ; (rajati-, te-), to go : Causal rajayati- (only ) and rañjayati-, te- (Aorist arīrajat-or ararañjat-; Passive voice rajyate-; Aorist arañji-or arāñji-), to dye, colour, paint, redden, illuminate etc. ; to rejoice, charm, gratify, conciliate etc. ; to worship (rajayati mṛgān- equals ramayati mṛgān- Va1rtt. 3 ) : Desiderative riraṅkṣati-, te- grammar : Intensive rārajīti- (grammar also rārajyate-and rāraṅkti-), to be greatly excited, exult (others"to shine bright"). [ confer, compare Greek ,"to dye",,"dyer."] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
samabhirañjA1. or Passive voice -rajyate-, to be reddened, appeared, flash, glitter View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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