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rabhate: third person singular present present class 1 ātmanepadarabh
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rabh or rambh- (mostly compound with a preposition; see grabh-andSee labh-with which rabh-is connected) cl.1 A1. () r/abhate- (mc. also ti-and Epic rambhati-, te-; perfect tense rebh/e- ;also rārabhe-and 1. plural rarabhm/a-; Aorist /arabdha- ; future rabdhā- grammar; rapsyati- ; te- etc.; infinitive mood rabdhum- ; Vedic or Veda r/abham-, r/abhe-; ind.p. r/abhya- etc.) , to take hold of, grasp, clasp, embrace (arabhat- wrong reading for ārabhat-) ; to desire vehemently ; to act rashly (see rabhas-, rabhasa-): Passive voice rabhyate- Aorist arambhi-, : Causal rambhayati-, te- Aorist ararambhat- : Desiderative ripsate- : Intensive rārabhyate-, rārabhīti-, rārabdhi- (as far as these forms really occur, they are only found after prepositions; see anv-ā--, ā--, prā--, vy-ā--, pari--, saṃ-rabh-etc.) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.

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