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prapadam: neuter nominative singular stem: prapada
prapadam: neuter accusative singular stem: prapada
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prapadamind. a term applied to a particular mode of recitation (in which the Vedic verses are divided, without reference to the sense and construction, into parts of an equal number of syllables and between these parts particular formulas inserted containing the word pa-padye-) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
āprapadamind. to the end or fore part of the foot View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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prapadam प्रपदम् 1 The forepart of the foot; स तं गृहीत्वा प्रपदो- र्भ्रामयित्वैकपाणिना Bhāg.1.15.32. -2 Tip of the toe.
āprapadam आप्रपदम् [प्रपदं पदाग्रं तत्पर्यन्तं अव्ययी˚] A dress reaching to the feet. -ind. To the end of the foot, reaching to the feet.

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