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आप्रीf. plural (-pr/iyas-[ ] and -pryas-[ nārāyaṇa-]) Name of particular invocations spoken previous to the offering of oblations (according to they are different in different schools; exempli gratia, 'for example' s/amiddho agn/ir- ,in the school of śunaka-; juṣ/asva naḥ- ,in that of vasiṣṭha-; s/amiddho ady/a- ,in that of others; nārāyaṇa- on this passage gives ten hymns belonging to different schools;See also on [ s/usamiddho na /ā vaha-,the āprī--hymn of the school of kaṇva-] , who enumerates twelve āprī-s and explains that twelve deities are propitiated;those deities are personified objects belonging to the fire-sacrifice, viz. the fuel, the sacred grass, the enclosure, etc., all regarded as different forms of agni-;hence the objects are also called āprī-s, or, according to others, the objects are the real āprī-s, whence the hymns received their names) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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