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आप्लुA1. -plavate- (Potential -pluvīta- [ varia lectio ],and -plavet-) to spring or jump towards or over, dance towards or over etc. ; to bathe, wash & etc. ; to immerse one's self etc. ; to bathe, wash another etc. ; to water, bedew, inundate ; to overrun etc.: Causal P. -plāvayati-, to wash or bathe any person or thing, cause to be bathed or washed etc. ; to bathe (one's self) ; to inundate, overwhelm, set in commotion etc. ; to dip, steep : A1. -plāvayate- idem or 'Nom. P. -pruṣāyati-, to besprinkle, bespeckle : A1. (imperfect tense 3. plural -pruṣāy/anta-) idem or '( pru-= plu-) A1. -pravate-, to spring up, jump up.' '
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