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प्लु cl.1 A1. (; confer, compare ) pl/avate- (rarely P. ti-; perfect tense pupluve- etc., 3. plural vuḥ- ; Aorist aploṣṭa- etc., 2. plural aploḍhvam- ; preceding ploṣīṣṭa-, ; future ploṣyati-, te- etc.; ind.p. -pl/ūya- ; -plutya- etc.) , to float, swim etc. ; to bathe ; to go or cross in a boat, sail, navigate ; to sway to and fro, hover, soar, fly ; to blow (as the wind) ; to pass away, vanish by degrees (varia lectio) ; to be lengthened or prolated (as a vowelSee pluta-) ; (older form pru- q.v) to hop, skip, leap, jump, spring from (ablative) or to or into or over or upon (accusative) etc.: Causal plāvayati- (rarely te-,or plāvayati-; Aorist apiplavat- , apupl- grammar), to cause to float or swim, bathe, wash, inundate, submerge etc. ; to overwhelm id est supply abundantly with (instrumental case) ; to wash away, remove (guilt, sin etc.) ; to purify ; to prolate (a vowel) ; to cause to jump or stagger : Desiderative of Causal piplāvayiṣati- or puplāvayiṣati- : Desiderative puplūṣate- grammar : Intensive poplūyate-, to swim about or rapidly [ confer, compare Greek , ; Old Latin per-plovere; Latin pluit,pluvius; Lithuanian plauti; Anglo-Saxon flovan; German,flawjan,flawe7n,vlouwenetc.]
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