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piprum. ( pṛ-) Name of a demon conquered by indra- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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pipru m. [√ pri], N. of a demon vanquished by Indra.
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pipru Is the name of a foe of Indra in the Rigveda. He was repeatedly defeated by Indra for Rjiśvan. Mentioned as possessing forts, he is called a Dāsa as well as an Asura. He is described as having a black brood, and as being allied with blacks. It is uncertain whether he was a demon, accord­ing to Roth’s view, which is favoured by the use of the word Asura, or a human foe, as Ludwig, Oldenberg, and Hillebrandt believe. The name may mean resister,’ from the root pr.
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pipru dāsam ahīśuvam RV.8.32.2b.
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pipru were ableSB 7.9.8

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